I wanna get an orchid to flower again...

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I rescued an orchid plant that hadn't been watered for some time, and after some TLC the leaves returned to their proper state and a new leaf has appeared.

It's on a shelf near a window that faces north east, so it gets direct sunshine from sunrise until about lunchtime.

Can anyone tell me how to encourage it to produce flowers?


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    You can buy special orchid feed in a garden centre and some flower shops (M & S have this). Give the plant a few drops of this now. Give a little water each week but be careful not to overwater. Then just be patient.:)
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    I found some useful info online when I first got into Orchids. This link is quite useful as it shows you where to cut the stem to encourage new growth/flowers http://themoderngardener.wordpress.com/2009/06/20/orchid-care/
    This link is good too for general care http://www.orchids.uk.com/faqs.htm

    Though having given those links I admit I have never done anything special to any of my 7 Orchids. Mine seem to thrive on trimming and watering, that's all.
    I water them every 2 weeks (or when they have been dry for a few days) with regular tap water, not cold water though, warm water as I read somewhere once that tepid water is best. Mine seem to do ok on it so I'll go with it :D
    I have never given them special Orchid feed either.

    So basically all I do is water when dry and trim stems back to encourage new growth. Only once a main stem is dead and withered do I cut if off completely.

    Hope that helps and enjoy your beautiful plant :)
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    You could try moving it to a different location, I read somewhere that a 'shock' can sometimes encourage an orchid to flower and this has worked for my plants in the past.
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    Some really useful advice there, thank you all very much. :~)
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