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Not sure if this is the correct sub forum but last week I purchased a solid state drive from Amazon totaling £80 my bank balance was £83.37. I checked online just after purchasing and noticed £1.00 had immediately been deducted then a couple days on dispatch day the £80 so my remaining bank balance is now £2.37.

It's been over 8 days and my £1.00 is still missing so I contacted Amazon's Executive Escalations for second time and he claims it's the banks responsibility and nothing to do with Amazon ?

Is he lying and should I contact my bank or insist Amazon sorts it

First Email:
I'm writing to you based on your review for the Corsair 120GB SSD, since Amazon Customer Service can help with the £1.00 charge you received.

When you place an order with, we contact your payment card's issuing bank to confirm that your card has a valid number, and has not been reported as lost or stolen. Your credit card company can then verify that the card is valid, and that the amount of your transaction is available, by placing a hold on your balance in the amount of £1.00. If the card is valid, and the funds are available, the authorisation hold for the order is permitted by your bank and your Amazon order placed.

Your credit card company may show the temporary authorisation hold on the funds after your transaction is completed. It can take several working days for them to process the void on this authorisation. The time will vary from one company to the next and it is the responsibility of your Bank or Payment card provider to restore this fund.

However, please be assured, we do not proceed with the charge and the £1.00 and this will not appear as a charge on your final credit card statement. This is a security measure that we use to protect our customers. This practise is widely used across the e-retail industry.

I'm sorry that this has been of concern to you. I would like to assure you that there is no intention of withdrawing any money other than at the time of dispatch.

Looking at your account I can again see that your order was dispatched on the 17th, and that a total charge of exactly £80.00 was made to your card.

I hope this helps. We look forward to seeing you again soon.
Second Email:
I am sorry to hear that the £1 authorisation showing on your account has not yet been released. Some banks have been known to hold these authorisations for 7-10 business days, and you will need to contact your bank if you wish to have this authorisation removed.

Please understand that the responsibility for releasing the authorised funds lies solely with your bank.

I appreciate this is not the outcome you hoped for and apologise for any disappointment this may cause.

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