LTSB Mortgage overpayments : Any idea how to pay online?

Hi there

I am looking to make overpayments to my LTSB mortgage which is currently Interest only.
My questions are:

What sort code/account number can you pay into online (dont want to have to phone or visit the branch every time)

Will it make a difference that I am on Interest only? Will they ask me to move back to repayment?



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    Can't answer most of your questions but assuming you have access to online banking & LTSB have a similar setup to Halifax - I've set up a standing order from my current account to the mortgage account. I did it in the branch but you can do it online.

    Mine's set up for a monthly payment, but I can change the date/amount any time so long as I give a couple of days notice (don't know if i have to, but I do anyway) If I want to make an additional payment I just change the date and / or amount then, once the payments gone through, change it back again.
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    I was hoping someone had the actual details, not sure if anyone can share this?
  • salvo69salvo69 Forumite
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    I contacted LTSB by phone and they simply gave me the account details over the phone...very impressed with the service
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