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Not sure if anyone has bothered to post this, but there is a problem with MSE.

A lot of us are finding it will not let us log in the first time, we are having to repeat logins, it says thank you for logging in, then it goes back to the login screen, and you have to try again.

Also there is an issue with PMs. Mine was showing 100%, so I deleted some and when I went back to my PM screen, it showed 100% again. It took about 7 attempts to get them cleared down.

Yesterday I was talking to someone who managed to PM me once, and then could not log back in again to PM me. They eventually managed to later.

I then saw the reply by email, so logged into my PMs to reply, no PM. so I replied to the old message, but when I checked my sent items, my second reply PM was not there!

and the 2nd PM they had sent me suddenly appeared! I did manage to reply to that one.

think you have a problem MSE.
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