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Current account charges abroad

My son is at university in USA. He has a Lloyds TSB classic account. Everytime he pays for something or withdraws money he is charged a fee.Would it be better to have a USA account and is this possible? ???
Mark Hughes' blue and white army


  • Very much so. Tell him to visit a local bank which is convienient to use or a bank which has links to the Uni he is studying at in the US.
    They should be able to open an account for him but do tell him to ask what the terms and conditions are for running the account as they will vary from those in the UK.
    Don't know what Sept 11 has done to their banking, if it's anything like this country he will need all sorts of id and address confirmation etc but he should be able to get a checking account.I do not know what sort of plastic card he will be offered.
    As soon as a/c is opened he needs to write to Lloyds asking to do one transfer to new account of all available funds so that he is only charged once for a transfer not like now where he is charged for every transaction.
  • Many thanks we will try what you have advised :)
    Mark Hughes' blue and white army
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