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Damp and timber report for remortgage - HELP!!!

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Damp and timber report for remortgage - HELP!!!

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SheepSheep Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Mortgage-Free Wannabe
Morning everyone.

I am currently remortgaging and the mortgage provider sent there valuer round last friday. I put down that the house was worth £75000 and the surveyor put the figure of £70000 down which is fine because now we are (just) within the 85%LTV mark. The problem is the valuer has noted damp on the ground floor and 1st floor. Although he states the property is worth £70k and this is within the LTV what will happen if the damp and timber report does say the house suffers damp?

I have had a look round the house and I think I can see some signs of damp (discolouring on some of the white wallpaper). I have an independent D/T specialist coming out on Tuesday morning. Is it worth trying to paint over the damp to reduce the impact on the report? I know the damp needs sorting and not painting over but I am desperate to remortgage straight way. I see you can get damp paint from B&Q so I could give the wallpaper a quick paint.

If the report does note damp or timber problems will that pull the plug on the remortgage? Will they make us do the repairs before the remorgage can go through.

what a headache :(


  • SheepSheep Forumite
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    Sorry I forgot to mention something..... We have just had a new kitchen put in and the walls have all been replastered and painted. Last week there was mould growing at the bottom of one of the walls. I called the builder back and he explained there was a leak in one of the pipes he put in and he would return on Thursday to repair the pipe and wall. The original surveyor would have seen this damp and mould and my wife didnt have chance to explain to him what it was. Thankfully I will be in on Tuesday morning and can explain to the D/T guy what the issue is and that it will be repaired within 48 hours of him leaving. Any thoughts would be great.
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    Hi Sheep,

    you may be better posting your questions on the Mortgage & Endowments Board.

    Hope that helps,
    Mortgage Free October 2013 :T
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