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Help with housing benefit

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  • Hello,
    I'm 26, single, with non-dependents. I moved to UK (London) two months ago, I already have my NIN and I'm on JSA. I'm actively looking for job but I need to rent a bedroom as soon as possible. I'm planning to rent a bedroom in a 2 or 3 bedroom flat (private landlord) and I really need to know if I'm entitled to house benefit and how much can I get before I rent it. I've filled calculators online, called the house benefits department of some councils and also visited some councils in order to get advice but I couldn't get a clear answer.
    If you need more information about my circumstances please ask me, I know my question is quite easy but as I'm not familiar with many terms it's been really hard to get an accurate answer.
    Thanks a lot for your time and patience.
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    Hello Peter1986

    The reason that you are finding it difficult to do an on line calculation is because of as a single person under 35 you will be restricted to what is called the "single room rent" This means a room in a shared house with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities. essentially a bedsit. this siongle room rent will be different across the country but you will only get HB based on this figure. Any rent above this figure will need to be paid by the claimant from their income.

    What you will need to do is look on line at the areas where you are looking to live and look at the council website where it will give the Local Housing Allowance ( LHA) for each area then you will have an idea what the rate is but I don't think you will find it very generous and you will definitely not get a two bed flat,

    If you do find work then you may still be entitled to HB but it will still be based on the single room rent. Good luck
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