Tips on saving money for the wedding

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Hi everyone!

I was just reading this article about how to save £5000 towards your wedding:

and it got me thinking, how are we all saving money to spend on the wedding?

This entire website is obviously full of fantastic ideas on how to save money (thanks Martin!), and I have been following quite a few of them, as well as already having done some things in the article.

So far I have:
-Reclaimed PPI I paid on a loan a few years ago, which paid off another loan and money I owed my parents - the payment I was making to them now go into a high rate interest regular saver account

-Transferred my credit card to a 0% interest for 22 months, so saving lots on the interest I was paying

-Sold some old gold jewellery, which is stuff I would never wear again and sitting in a box!

-Started having clear outs of stuff to sell on eBay, and made about £100 so far with lots more to put on

-Started sorting out stuff to sell at car boots

-Stopped buying toiletries until I use up what I have!

-Started using cashback websites and already have around £30 in there, by buying things I would have bought anyway

-Been making meal plans and batch cooking to get better value from my supermarket shops

-Saved £300 on my car insurance renewal by getting my existing car insurance company to rice match another quote

-Stopped having highlights, and getting my hair done less often (although closer to the wedding I think this will change!)

-Getting lots of free samples and coupons care of the lovely people on the Forums on here

-Been saving all my £2 coins and lots more change in a 'sealed pot'

-Downloaded a budget app on my phone and input all my spending on there as I spend it, so I keep a better track of it all!

Wow! Now I've written it all down, I'm really pleased with what I've done so far!

These are all things that I should have been doing anyway, but having a target such as a wedding to save for, it has really given me a kick up the backside to get my finances sorted.

Does anyone else have anything that they've been doing in order to save money for the big day?
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    I have sold some of OHs old suits etc on eBay (with his knowledge of course! :rotfl:

    We have a terrimundi money pot that we put 50p, £1 & £2 into.

    Move money out of the account before we even see it, do it effectively another form of tax!

    Use cash back websites on all big purchases.

    OH takes up tutoring every now n then (ridiculous amount of money for an hour of work!)

    Change gym membership so less a month.

    Using tesco clubcard for eating out

    Using groupon for things we want to do (Like scuba diving.)
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    Obviously we do lots of things to save more generally in our lives, but specifically because we're saving for the wedding we've:

    really been paying attention to the prices food shopping - We shop a lot at Tesco, where the prices for the same things we buy really fluctuate ever such a lot from week to week. For several items I have learned the prices they cycle through and know which is the best. E.g. we both eat a lot of cereal bars that cycle between £1, £1.50 and £1.69 - we stock up loads when it's £1, and may wait three months before they're £1 again to buy more. We do the same with soft drinks, wine, tea, tissues, shower gel - anything smaller that lasts. This is limited by cupboard space living in a small house! For fresh items, we'll do without for a few weeks if the price is too high - e.g. their own brand yoghurts cycle between 89p, £1 and £1.11 - we only buy them at 89p. I haven't bought muller rices for aaages, because I 'll only buy them at 35p each.

    I'd rather do without than pay over the odds! Also, I really try to buy all fruit and veg at the greengrocers, because the supermarket prices are ridiculous. Sainsbury charge £2 for a box of grapes I can get for 58p in the greengrocers. We've started buying eggs direct too - a lot cheaper.

    been eating out a lot less - OH knows Friday night tea is now likely to be something that was reduced in Watrose on my way back from the gym, not going out for a curry!

    had less weekends away - We normally go away for a lot of weekends - 1 or 2 a month, but we've cut this down to just a couple of family visits, and we haven't had a holiday this year. There's the honeymoon to look forward to instead! Plus we've needed our weekends for all the planning:rotfl:
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    Does anyone else have anything that they've been doing in order to save money for the big day?

    I got a job :D

    There were a few costs to going back to work (car, petrol, childcare etc) but even after all that it's giving us an extra £700 a month for the wedding!
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    I've not really bought any new clothes recently :eek: I probably do need a few but nothing terrible happened!

    I've also started slimming world (that's not the cheap part) and following their recipes has actually worked out much cheaper than the stuff I used to eat.

    No holidays last year and this year until the honeymoon

    Online Tesco shopping helps me focus on what I need and reduces the amount of impulse buying! I also meal plan which has been good.

    Taking my lunch to work has saved quite a bit - I've noticed I now very rarely withdraw cash.

    Found car insurance which was £300 cheaper than renewal quote for OH. Costs half the price of mine, so unfair!!

    OH has been doing lots of overtime to help save up. I've taken over everything at home (cooking, cleaning, washing, dog walking!) as he's so tired from it!

    Hardly ever have meals out now (also due to the diet!) but this has saved a lot.

    We're also trying to sell our house (which is sat empty whilst we rent elsewhere) and hopefully that will save us a fortune in mortgage payments if it ever happens!
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