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Very Smelly Dog!

in Pets & pet care
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My Golden Retrevier in this current climate is loving swimming in the river every morning when I take her out -which is fab apart from the consequense of the dog/river smell which seems to radiate from her all afternoon.

I bath her monthly and hose legs and belly off daily. I also trim any extra long hair off around key areas like legs etc etc-

Any tips for de smelling her apart from buying some expensive dog DO.

Look forward to your response.:)


  • krlyrkrlyr Forumite
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    If the smell is caused by the dampness or the river water then the best solution I see is to rinse the river water out and try to dry her off as quickly as possible really. You can get microfibre towels that absorb a bit more water than regular towels, and perhaps consider a mild odour busting shampoo once in a while - I bought some off Ebay that you dilute quite a lot so it works out a lot cheaper than the petshop shampoos.
  • MrsAtobeMrsAtobe Forumite
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    As the owner of a river-loving springer spaniel, I can sympathise, the smell is horrible, isn't it? I would second Krlyr's advice about the microfibre towels, I've got two and they do take a lot of water out of the dog's coat. Just a word of warning though, I've got the 'giant' ones for Chloe, and I wished I'd gone for bigger ones.

    The other thing that I find brilliant, although I'm not using them in this weather, is a drying coat. I got mine from Freckles Designs, there's two different types, one with an underbelly and one without. I've got one of each, but I've not had a chance to try out the one with the underbelly, the weather got too warm.

    Hope this has helped.
    Good enough is good enough, and I am more than good enough!:j

    If all else fails, remember, keep calm and hug a spaniel!
  • gettingreadygettingready Forumite
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    Try a stinky 40kg of a GS with double coat - swimming in smelly lakes and taking 2 days to dry each time... Flies die mid air the smell is so bad.. sigh...
  • vax2002vax2002
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    We invested in some good quality Oster cutters and they are excellent and in summer we keep him cut down to a nice length and he keeps cool and when wet dries quickly.
    They actually cut unlike the famous branded cutters you get at argos.
    Any dirt water and springers are in head first, but mention the B word, BATH and its a two person job.
    On water plan walks for running water, because green algae that you get in ponds makes them very ill and can kill, they are best kept out of ponds in summer.
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  • krlyrkrlyr Forumite
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    Just bear in mind that double coated breeds use their coat to keep cool as well as warm - it acts as insulation in both kinds of weather, like our household/loft insulation.
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