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politunnel owners

we read a lot when we bought it...one thing we never found anywhere was the importance of ventilation !!

after strugle at first, our tomatos, cucambers , runner beans etc were flying and all had flowers

1 day we didnt open the windows of the thing, thinking it was cold(2 weeks ago) and next day when we went to the politunnel, all but the spinach, and salad had died!!!

what a shame..were hopping to have coucambers in 3-4 weeks !! now start from scratch....i cant bear to fight the unknown vampire that kept eating my cucambers when they had 2-3 leaves...it took me 3-4 times to replace them in order for these last one to start rising up


  • pedro123456
    pedro123456 Posts: 815 Forumite
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    Well I have a polytunnel, I have the door open in the day (unless its very windy),and closed at night and so far so good,plants coming along nicely.

    Are you sure it was lack of ventilation, over 1 day?, its smacks of frost damage to me, but I aint no expert.
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  • poppysarah
    poppysarah Posts: 11,522 Forumite
    A polytunnel won't stop the cold coming in.
    Some people have an inner section that's cheaper to heat.
  • peter_the_piper
    peter_the_piper Posts: 30,268 Forumite
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    Don't worry, a new batch will soon catch up just make sure they are protected from frost.
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  • Davesnave
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    I think it depends where you are, but although we haven't had hard, penetrating frost for some time here in Devon, I'd not trust cucumbers and toms in the polytunnel yet.

    Ventilation is very important in a tunnel, but so is realising that it has nothing like the frost-protecting qualities of a good bubble insulated greenhouse.

    If all the plants you mentioned had flowers, then you started much too early without the means to sustain that growth. As Peter says, you will be able to catch up to a large extent by re-sowing, because conditions are easing and the amount of daylight is much greater.
  • Lotus-eater
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    It was -5.8 in my greenhouse last night, I wouldn't dream of putting anything out yet.
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  • Radsteral
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    Thanks guys
    I m in south london, and its southfacing garden,which helps with sunlight
    Maybe too excited in january i did sow tomatos etc in cubicles and as theywerent comming out,i brought them home near radiators,
    They all came out to party and sincethey grew too much on cubbicles ihad to put them on the ground
  • Linda32
    Linda32 Posts: 4,385 Forumite
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    Radsteral wrote: »
    Maybe too excited

    Most people do that, me included :o its the only way to learn, by getting on and doing it practically.

    Don't worry if you have to sow some more seeds, they will catch up quickly. Just as quickly as those you sowed and put next to the radiator, only this time it will be due to more daylight and sunshine (when we get some) :D

    And now you know what to do next year, or more to the point, what not to do! :D
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