wedding worries

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    Could perhaps a friend or relative pop round to see her dress a day or two before the wedding and have a little accident with a cup of coffee?

    At the end of the day, with it being a small do, people are going to know it's your big day. Don't spend time worrying about her, if it is malicious then she will spend the rest of her life being a jealous little so and so and will never be happy. If not leave her be and enjoy yourself.

    Wedding days go by far too quickly, before you know it you are saying goodbye to guests and wondering where the day went. Enjoy every moment and don't spend any time thinking of her.
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  • Let her wear what she likes other people will see what shes up to anyway. Everyone will be there for you and it'll be a lovely day. Have fun.
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    I wouldnt worry,
    your going to look 100% the blushing bride and she is going to look like a dogs dinner in that awful thing.

    plus you get to say " remember when *whatsherface* turned up in that HIDEOUS dress" for the rest of your life ;)
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    What she is doing is obvious and she will be a laughing stock for it. I expect she will get the odd comment on the day if your relatives are as forthright as mine! But you should try to rise above it as the serene, beautiful bride.

    Mind you I really do agree with roswell's comment re the red wine...
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    Well shellmundo - have looked at the dress. Not my taste at all personally.

    I do like the sound of your dress though! Sounds like a dress any bride would be proud to wear on their special day.

    I would imagine the family are more than used to the way your sister-in-law behaves and will probably ignore her. Is she wishes to attend your wedding looking like a marshmallow then let her, just engineer the photos so that she is always on the end of something - or make her sit on the floor! That would be quite funny with the amount she paid for it! I guess she must attend lots of balls for the dress to be needed - just hold your head high (with your beautiful tiara) and shine like a wonderful bride should. She sounds like a selfish b#tch and I would just rise above it.

    Have a wonderful day.

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    personally i dont think the dress looks like a wedding dress? maybe thats just me :confused:

    if you are in a traditional style wedding gown and its a small wedding, there will be absolutely no confusion as to who this day is all about. im sure you'll look lovely, and i hope you have a great day :j
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  • I was going to suggest that perhaps she could wear a coloured wrap, hat and jewellery with the cream dress to make it look less bridal but, having looked at the link, it's so OTT that any accessories will just make it look worse!

    Please don't worry, your dress sounds so much more sophisticated and elegant I think she'll look ridiculous. I would try to make her stand at the back (or better still out of shot) in any pictures as you don't want her to 'cheapen' them. She sounds like a spoilt brat and in years to come I think you'll look back and laugh at how pathetic she is!

    Have a lovely day and don't worry about anything other than being happy with your husband
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    You'll have the glow of being the bride whereas she'll have the uncomfortable feeling of being overdressed for the occasion. You'll have a great day and she'll feel awkward. If you've tried to say something then you should at this stage just rise above it - stuff it, it's your day, and you shouldn't let her upset you, you have far far better things to think about.

    Or you can just imagine the passers by hissing 'what is that woman wearing' :)

    Have a lovely day and don't let someone else spoil it.

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    I'd go with the 'be my bridesmaid'- after all, the dress is already paid for by her, and it puts you in control of her, as you can sneakily let slip to just one or two people that you felt you had to ask her to be bridesmaid as you didn't want her looking overdressed and other folk talking about her...;)

    Have a wonderful day, don't let her spoil anything.IT is your day, feel free to ask your closest friend to sneak round and tamper with the zip the night before the wedding:eek: oops, I am naughty...
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    i would just ring her and say "god, that dress is lush! makes my dress seem a bit understated though, and (insert hubbys to be's name) might get confused over who he is marrying!"
    and see what she says.

    i hope you have a fab wedding day, i am recently married and can definately reccommend it i love it xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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