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  • thanks for the advise all
    she actually won the dress on ebay and before the bidding had ended my h2b did say to her that it was a wedding dress and did she realise that, to which she responded it is a ball gown which could be used as a wedding dress if you wanted to, and went ahead and got it anyway.
    i think she will probably end up wearing it anyway even if i told her not to just so that that she can annoy me- though this is the last thing i want on my big day
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    Your SIL seems very selfish, it looks like a wedding dress, somebody needs to say something to her.

    Hope you have a lovely day despite somebody trying to upset you.
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    I really wouldn't give her the satisfaction of reacting. The dress is awful anyway. Are you having flowers, tiara etc, if so you will stand out from her anyway. Besides, the blushing bride glow stands out a mile. You will feel a million dollars on the day and you really won't care i promise you.

    What is your dress like?

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    First of all congratulations! I hope that you and your husband to be have the most beautiful day!

    I think having seen this picture that it is very inappropriate for your SIL to wear but I would delegate the task of telling her to someone who will be firm and diplomatic. It should not be left to you to have any stress whatsoever!

    Could you post your pictures after your special day - we`d love to see them please.
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    As it's upsetting you it might be worthwhile saying something to her, if you're worried she'll turn it aginst you, you could try giving an honest opinion of the dress while acting innocent to the fact that she bought it? "You didn't win that dress did you? it was hideous, really tacky, and the top on it would make you look twice your actual size..... oh you won it.... oops, well, sorry, I'm sure you'll look lovely" Oh and mention that Justie had seen them for half the price, that'll hit her wear it hurts! ;-) Sorry, I hate people who are self-absorbed like she appears to be!

    On a more serious note, if she's determined to wear it I really wouldn't worry about it, if you're going for the full length 'traditional' gown then she won't upstage you. It does look a bit weddingy but a bit Jordan-on-the-cheap-and-not-as-classy weddingy (in my opinion), but not enough weddingy that people would notice her more than the bride/you. Just put her behind a pot plant on the photos!

    P.S. Please can we see a pic of your dress, partly for noseyness (I love other people's weddings!), partly becuase then we can all reassure you that you'll look gorgeous and that she'll have no hope of upstaging you even if she turns up naked!
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  • my dress is a full length ivory halter neck which is quite plain, my flower are gold and ivory with a tiara to match, which should hopefully make people realise i am the bride and not her.
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  • my dress is getting took up at the mo but i will def post some pics of our big day seeing how its less than 6 weeks away:eek:
    thanks for all the advice everyone you have made me feel a lot better- i will just look forward to the honeymoon now- at least she can upstage me on it:rotfl:
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    If you are only having 12 family members there, you don't need to worry about them not knowing who's the bride ;-)

    There is nothing more cringemaking than someone over dressing at other people's wedding. It just screams 'desperate for attention'. With a small wedding party, all of whom you know well, most will presumably know what she has done before she even gets to the wedding. Even if none of them can talk her out of it, hopefully they will at leasy fail to compliment her on it!

    On the day you will be centre of attention anyway. Even if she turned up in a Bunny Girl outfit, people would still put on a forced smile for her and then turn back to you. So if you think she is doing it on purpose to wind you up, just don't give her the benefit of knowing you care. You've got more important things to think about than the OTT outfit of a drama queen.
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  • At the end of the day, its your wedding and YOUR the person that everyone will be focusing on and paying attention to. Its your day and no-one can take it away from you - no matter how much they may want to.

    If she wants to make a desparate attempt at gaining some attention for herself, then let her. No-one will pay any attention - and if they do it will probably be along the lines of 'Oh my god, what is she wearing'.

    I agree with others that its a hideous dress anyway, so shes bound to look like a fright!!!

    No-one can upstage you on your big day (and i bet you'll look a million dollars compared to your SIL who will look like a tenner).
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  • Say nothing at all then on the day give her a posey and tell her shes your bridesmaid, then get her to run around all day. You look good in front of the rest of the family, you will have a great day and your sil gets to put her showy dress to good use.
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