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Sweet peas


I live in the NW, and the sweet peas I grew in the autumn are doing well in my sm greenhouse. I looked @ a well known gardening website which advises to plant them now....however, it feels too cold (silly I know)! I am interested to know what are other people doing?



  • thumperrabbit
    I have planted mine in my greenhouse last week. I am not sure if they should go outside yet.
  • Indispensable_Hobbes
    After the freaky snowstorm this week I think it'd be best to keep them in for a few weeks longer. The ground is still very cold, there was a frost this morning too.
    ALIBOBSY Posts: 4,527 Forumite
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    NW here too, but because we are on clay soil even with the raised beds we tend to get a bit boggy over winter-mind you good news in summer as beds tend to hold moisture underneath even when the top has baked dry, so I don't overwinter much TBH.

    My Sweet peas will go in this week in the greenhouse. Would have been a bit early but was waiting for new panels for the big GH and the little "blow over" type one was already full lol.

    A bit early to plant out yet I would say.

    Ali x
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  • antw23uk
    antw23uk Posts: 510 Forumite
    Im holding off as well. They may say its time to plant out but im not convinced its warm enough yet so they stay firmly in the conservatory at night and out on the decking during the day if its nice ;)
    Ant. :cool:
  • Linda32
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    Arn't Sweet Peas one of those plants that are tough as old boots, even if they don't look like it? Unlike usually summer plants.

    I planted Sweet Peas out about two weeks ago and mine are fine and growing quite well.

    I'm in the East Midlands and had a frozen bird bath and sleet this week.
  • OddjobKIA
    OddjobKIA Posts: 6,380 Forumite
    im in west wales and my peas are in the ground and have now got about 20 plants germinated and doing well
  • [Deleted User]
    I had a basket and seeds for birthday, I planted it up and now have 6 vigorous seedlings on bathroom windowsill, will they need stakes or something, can I put them outside? Questions questions !!
  • Linda32
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    Hi, You can pinch out the tops for the next couple of weeks. Then as far as I'm concerned you can put them outside, but others say not to :cool: Yes they will need canes to climb up. You can make a wigwam for them to climb up.
  • blossomhill_2
    blossomhill_2 Posts: 1,923 Forumite
    They are tough and can cope with winter conditions, so should do no harm to plant out now
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  • peter_the_piper
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    I've had pots of sweet peas outside for weeks even down to -5deg, no probs.
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