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Germination! How exciting... What do I do now?

pinkteapot Posts: 8,040 Forumite
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My mum got me a "Grow Your Own Chillis" kit as a present. I wasn't expecting much, but it included some coir pots and compost and some seeds, and a few seem to have germinated. There's little white shoots that have emerged from some of the seeds (the instructions said to scatter the seeds on the surface of the compost, so I can see the shoots).

The instructions are a bit vague about the next part. They say to replant the seedlings as they grow but when? And in what? I assume they can go outside (the instructions said they can be planted out in March-April) but I don't know how big they need to be first.

I don't want to kill my little plant babies. :o


  • Lotus-eater
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    Get some compost and scatter it over the germinating seeds. Leave them till they have 2 seed leaves, then snip off any you don't want, to leave one plant per pot.

    Depending on the size of the pot, leave them till they need to be repotted, I would get rid of the coir pots personally and stick them in bigger pots till they reach their full size pot which should be minimum 8" pot I would say. Then I would keep them indoors on a sunny windowsill, they will do much better there than outside.
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  • Del_Astra
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    You can plant the coir pots into bigger pots and grow them on on a sunny window ledge. Or thin the seedlings out into bigger pots, the seeds have grown so now need more soil (i.e. a bigger pot). Put them in some veg compost / grow bags, you will also need some feed for them once they get bigger / start to produce.

    They will need to be harden off before going outside. So put them out on sunny days but bring in doors in the evening when the temp drops. A sunny sheltered spot will be best.

    Depends where you are in the country but the general rule is don't leave out if frost is still possible, so you are perhaps a touch early yet. I'm in Scotland and have just started to harden off seedlings but I'm not able to leave out overnight yet. I tend to be extra cautious and don't leave tomato plants until mid April at the earliest.
  • pinkteapot
    pinkteapot Posts: 8,040 Forumite
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    Thanks. :D

    At the moment I have four seedlings; three in one pot (the jalapenos seem to have done well) and one in one of the others. Three of the five varieties haven't done anything. :(

    I guess I should separate the three that are together soon. Just waiting a few more days to see if any more germinate.

    They're on a sunny windowsill at the moment.
  • ladylouise62
    They can take quite a while to shoot. I'm a couple of weeks into my chilis (actually I think it's more, but I don't record dates!), and one variety wasn't doing anything but I today saw the first glimmerings of a shoot - all the other varieties of pepper and chili are multi-leaved, potted up and out in the recent sunshine.
  • Mupette
    Mupette Posts: 4,599 Forumite
    another chilli grower here

    Apache didn't do a thing
    habnero's 6 leaves
    Peruvian 2 plants taken ages

    and some Italian ones going wild.

    i always use coir and plant when ready with coir to peat pot and then that will go into bigger pot when ready with peat pot so i don't upset the plant too much
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  • cootambear
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    are chillies perrenials?
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  • Badrick
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    cootambear wrote: »
    are chillies perrenials?

    Most people don't bother, but if you can provide the conditions to keep them alive over winter, they'll flower again next year.
    I did it a couple of years back, more out of curiosity than anything.
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  • Leif
    Leif Posts: 3,727 Forumite
    cootambear wrote: »
    are chillies perrenials?

    Most chillis in the shops are Capsicum annuum, and annuum means annual, but oddly enough they are perennials! In a similar vein, Capsicum chinense does not come from China, it comes from the Amazon basin area.

    I have a Capsicum pubescens, or Rocoto, which is at least 6 years old, possibly 8. Commercially they are grown as annuals is this country as the cost of over wintering is not worth it. But if you do it yourself, you can get two crops the following year rather than the usual one.
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  • ladylouise62
    I managed to overwinter one once, but since I rarely have the heating on nowadays it's new every year for me. The upside is that I can try new ones each time :)
  • pinkteapot
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    edited 5 April 2012 at 3:06PM
    Exciting update:

    I went out at the weekend and got some plant pots that come with clear plastic bell-shaped lids (so like propogator lids but individual round ones on each pot - they look nice on the kitchen window-sill) and some seed/seedling compost. I moved the seeds that had sprouted little roots into these and binned the seeds that had done nothing at all.

    Out of four seeds that were showing signs of life, I now have two little shoots, both about 1-2" tall! They've come up really fast. :D

    I've never grown anything from seed before. I'll be doing it more in the future. :)

    I don't know the proper names for the plants I have, but I got one sprouting seed from the anaheims and three from the jalapenos.
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