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"Roasted" veg Slow cooker?

I did search, but bet I missed!

I am trying to lose weight and love large portions of slow roasted veg with just a tablespoon oil per roasting tin full.

Problem is it seems so wasteful to have the oven on for an hour and a half every couple of days when I have a slow cooker.

I usually roast butternut squash, aubergine, peppers, onions, chilli and tomatoes, so not the 'harder' veg. Anyone tried them in the slow cooker without extra liquid? Not keen on them too 'wet'- like ratatouille. Thanks.


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    Unfortunately one of the primary features of a slow cooker is that it retains the moisture, so I would doubt that you could achieve what you want without taking the lid off. My mum used to freeze her roasted veg quite successfully - but she didn't use tomatos, I think they might fall apart a bit? How about putting doing some extra next time and experimenting?
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    The veg won't roast in the slow cooker so you wont get them brown or to caramalize in the slow cooker the end result would be more of a stew than roasted veg.

    Why not do as many large trays as your oven can fit at one time then portion up and freeze that way you have it on hand and the oven will only have been on slightly longer than doing just one tray at a time.
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  • Thanks for you replies. I suspected it may not be too successful! My worry about doing loads for the freezer is that I bought some already frozen once ond they were waterlogged and awful. I guess they will keep for maybe 5 days in the fridge? If so, I could do a double lot.

    I am crazy about them at the moment and am eating them lunch and dinner, as a side hot or cold, a jacket topping and even pouring HM soup over them!
  • Think I solved my problem!

    Just grilled a batch of veg first and cut down the oven time to 30min hot oven. Tastes great- don't know why I didn't think of that before!
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