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Birch sap wine

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edited 28 February 2012 at 11:03PM in Old style MoneySaving
Has anyone reading made birch sap wine? I made some about 12 months ago and bottled it yesterday - and it's really odd!

The recipe was boiling the birch sap with slices of lemon and some sultanas and sugar. The result (after fermenting pretty well) is quite thick and tastes like lemsip!

Is this what it is supposed to be like?


  • Frith wrote: »
    ...birch sap's really odd!

    And you're surprised? :eek:

    Sorry. :o
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  • My thoughts exactly:rotfl:
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    I have drunk commercially produced birch sap wine and it was very palatable.

    I suspect your recipe had more lemon that is strictly necessary? And that maybe replacing that with plain Vit C (as a yeast food) would make it less lemony?
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