Energy Price Cap announcement: Watch Martin Lewis explain what it means for your electricity and gas bills this winter

e readers or kindles

does anyone have any experience of these, Id like to get one for going on holiday, but find the kindle and sony ones expensive.
Does anyone have experience of what the cheaper ones are like
Save £300 in Jan £515/£300-Lose 10 lbs in Jan- 8/10,Cap One M/C £0/£200,Cap One Visa £0/£200
Aqua £470/£550, Vanquis £477/£1250,Bank of Dad £1668/£3500, legal aid £0 left, Littlewoods 0, Very £306/left,Choice £0/lefthave paid off in January 742.89


  • I have a Kindle 4 (the latest non-keyboard version) which cost me £89, so can't comment on the cheaper ones.

    However, I think mine has paid for itself already - you can download news from the Telegraph, BBC News, Independent and The Guardian (basically any newspapers that do not require subscription) online for free using a program called Calibre (google it).

    At a daily cost of £1ish for most of the above, I would say within a year you're breaking even. There are also free books on sites like Project Gutenberg.
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