In IVA can I be second credit card holder

Mick1969_2 Posts: 3 Newbie
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Can someone please tell me if it is possible for someone to put me on their credit card. I.e could a family member who has a credit card account apply for a second card in my name. Only needed to hire a car.


  • kns_2
    kns_2 Posts: 115 Forumite
    No its credit after all.
  • FoggyBrain_2
    I disagree kns -- if the card is in the other person's name, the the person in the IVA isn't getting any credit. Whether the company will issue it is another matter.
  • Stinkyfeet
    Agree with FoggyBrain, you can get a card on another persons account as been done in my family, however, I notice many card companies now state that the secondary card member should be a family member and reside at same address, this could be a porblem.
    Capital one in our case did a soft search and marked it on credit report as 'associate' and the secondary card did come through on our request. Obviously not sure what other card issuers may do especially if they do do a search of report.
  • sharpy2010
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    When I worked for the Halifax they were so desperate to issue secondary cards on accounts (and tertiary card, and four cards and so on...) that they did NO checks on the second person at all, and in fact didn't even check to see if the person even existed.

    As long as SOMEONE was using the card, and the primary card holder was paying the bill, the company couldn't have given two hoots about the name on the card. I had plenty of people who suddenly (and suspiciously) had a brother, who was a lord, and who also had the same initials.

    How sad, really.
  • kns_2
    kns_2 Posts: 115 Forumite
    I think that's wrong because if you are paying for something on a card and you don't have the money then that is credit yes?

    Also if it's just to hire a car they can pay for it in your name.
    At the end of the day ask your IP as they are the only ones that will know and you won't go wrong then:D
  • FoggyBrain_2
    Yes, kns, it is credit ... but the credit is being taken out by the principal cardholder, not the person in the IVA.

    Same principle as if your mate draws a tenner off his card at the cashpoint and give it to you .... it's not YOU getting the credit, it's him.
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