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We are planning to get married in Mexico in October this year but it seems to be coming up very expensive and was wondering if anyone had any advice.

We are also then planning to have a blessing back home (Dorset) when we get back. I am trying to keep costs down since we have an 8 month daughter and hence no money :(

We wanted an eveving blessing and then straight to an evening reception/buffet. The only places that let you do you own food etc are con/legion clubs etc but i dont really want to go there. Any ideas gratefully received ...........
Many thanks


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    Sorry, can't help on the whole Mexico thing.

    But for our wedding reception we hired a village hall about 15 minutes away from the town we live in. It meant it had a stage for the DJ, a kitchen area, tea urns built in and we could bring all our own food and drink. Worked out really cheap.

    Hope that helps
    working on clearing the clutter
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    Local village halls are great. For the blessing et go t your local registry office to find out all the places that are registered to hold these ceremonies. I dont know where you are in Dorset but they are very helpful in Weymouth, so I dont see why they wont be same in Dorch etc.

    How many people are you planning to invite? Do you know anyone with a largish house etc who would be willing to let you hold the evening do there?
  • I am in Bournemouth. We are planning to invite quite a few people which is why we are having an evening blessing so we skip the lunch etc and means we can include everyone. I was thinking about the house thing but i dont know anyone :(
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    nice beach! Bonza barbie!

    Sweet talk someone in millionaires row!
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