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I live in a rural area and cannot get broadband with any of the normal providers.

A company called Onwave are offering me Satellite broadband for £640 (£39.95 pm, £110 installation & £40 for the router).

This is a considerable amount of money but as I run a small business I require broadband.

Does anyone have experience of this company and the service they provide?

Any other ideas would be appreciated.


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    Satellite broadband, although a godsend for those who really need broadband in areas where there are no alternatives is often slow compared to todays broadband speeds, often have very restrictive download caps and has a VERY long latency making it unsuitable for gaming and also giving a considerable delay for realtime applications like skype, voip and webcams etc.
    What area of NI are you in? some areas have other wireless alternatives available, especially in some border areas.
    Check 3G coverage in your area, it might be cheaper overall to go this route or there is one possibility I have done for someone else but it would depend on several factors...

    If you know someone nearby (friend, relative etc..) who is within reach of domestic broadband AND in reasonable line of sight to your property, you could install broadband at their premises and use a 5Ghz point to point data link to extend the broadband to your own property. The costs to do this would be the normal costs for a domestic broadband install (usually free but no more than £40) the cost of the point to point link equipment is around £120 and this just needs an annually renewable licence from Ofcom which is £50 per year. The only other outlay costs would be mounting hardware (depending on how it needs to be mounted, wall, chimney etc) and installation if you get someone to do it for you.

    I did one of these for a friend a few years ago, he was in a realtively flat area but over 6 miles from the exchange. He has line of site to his granny's house about 3 miles away, so he installed broadband at this house and the link extends it to his house. It's working a treat to this day I think it's been reset twice in 3 years which is very good.

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