Hope I win soon....losing the will to live....



  • I was thinking exactly what 'I luv cats' said. Can you imagine if there was an I DIDNT WIN section, it'd be HUGE! I comp on and off, I'm back on it and have been comping for three months and have won 1 small thing. Fingers crossed though :D
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    Realistically though I luv cats you can enter the colgate comp twice a day. If every person entered has entered twice a day forthe entire diration that figure is actually a lot less
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    I_luv_cats wrote: »
    BUT looking at the colgate plax draw there's 250,545 people already in the draw.

    Yeah, but it's not quite as bad as that. That's the number of total entries, not the number of unique entrants. I'm figuring there's around 2,000-3,000 entrants (it's been going for 11 weeks so far giving you approx 154 entries to date if you've been entering religiously - some people will, some people will only enter a couple of times so I'm rounding up).

    I enter for the fun of the anticipation. I pretty much get little prizes but it's so much fun having the postie hand over a surprise parcel even if it's only once in a blue moon. :D

    ETA: or I could have just pointed to StokieBecks post. :D
    Hmmmm, need new siggie :cool:
  • StokieBecks
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    Bonnie great minds :D

    Your post demonstrates it better :)
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  • thanks for all your encouraging words, it does help! I shall keep going and keep hoping i start getting some wins!! Fingers crossed!!
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    I was never really one for entering comps but in November I happened to be on the Quidco site and saw their Christmas daily comp. I figured I had nothing to lose so entered it and won that very first day! It was a Kindle, and the adrenalin rush I got from that was amazing! I wanted to feel that again and was very happy when I came across this board. I had some small wins in December that kept me going, but January has been quiet (although I have been lucky enough to be accepted for the Nokia Amazing collective which gets me a nice new Nokia Lumia 800 and today received a book and fridge magnet) Sometimes I look on the IWIWIW thread and, although I am always pleased for them, I get a bit despondent that others seem to be constantly winning but I'm not. That's why I think it's sometimes good for someone to have a little moan on here so that we can see that we aren't alone.

    Those big wins will come, I feel it! :)
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    Got to keep trying...its the eternal optimist in us..... or maybe just desperation!! good luck all
    Last win 2013!! Oh well.

    Many thanks to our wonderful posters and apologies to the mods for all the postings I've made which then turned out that I've been pipped at the post.
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    I was really lucky when i first started out but now seem to have stopped winning anything lol. I'm still addicted to comping though. I'm unsure of how many I enter, I'm gradually getting organised as havent been doing this for very long either.
    If I were you I'd keep at it, someones got to win so it could be you ******Good Luck******
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