Hope I win soon....losing the will to live....

Started comping again 2 months ago after a year or so of not doing any and all I've won is a glass tankard (which my OH loves).....but really hoping for some more wins soon - I'm entering around 1500 comps a week, who else enters this many and how many wins have you had in the last couple of months??



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    January is always a very quiet month for a lot of people I think. Plus also a lot that you are entering now won't reach their end date until the end of the month. Keep at it for a while but when it becomes a chore and it just disappoints you then perhaps comping isn't for you.
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    OMG I have just started and am only entering about 50 per day, I dont stand a chance if you arent winning you are doing 5 times as many as me
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    I know how you feel, i'm getting a bit like that, i enter hundreds a week and in nearly 2 years i have won 6 small items.....
    I am very close to giving it up too.......

    Sending lots of luck to us all.....
  • Barnabysue
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    You can enter one and win it or thousands and not win any, it's all chance. It's a hobby which is supposed to be enjoyable, if it's becoming a chore, step back from it for a while.
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  • I bet loads you have entered have yet to close, who knows, Feb could be a bumper month of prizes arriving for you :D
    I enter about 300-500 a week and have some nice little wins, stuff like make up, crisps, drinks, t-shirts but nothing big yet. I love the excitement of entering, the eternal hope, the knock on the door. My husband thinks I'm mental, particularly as I say things like 'Darling would you like a new drill' before entering a comp for one :D Rofl
  • Mickeemoo
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    Do lot's and lot's of Facebook comps... I win most of mine from them! :D;)
    :starmod:Thank you comp posters!:starmod:
  • zray
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    I don't count my comps but do enter a lot! I rarely if ever win from a postcard or text comp and its rare to win from the dailies. Some small wins on facebook and only ever once from twitter. I did almost all the advents and managed to win a dress but in terms of how many advents I entered it wasn't really worth it though still hoping something might still come from them! I do think some comps take a while to get back to you but in the end I'm just not that lucky. I think when you read about people winning amazing stuff all the time and another winning 3 ipad2s you do realise how random it is and on the other side of the coin people have worse luck than me. I usually win something that makes life easier so that keeps me going and I know I save money by any little wins and when something great comes along it does spur you on but in truth I have realised that if I can't stand being disappointed I should just stop! I think I don't because I like the anticipation of what might come in the post or email or even THAT phone call! I really hope you win something soon and hope it brings back that comping bug :)
  • thanks for the replies, I don't see it as a chore at all - I love entering as I love the thought of getting that WEM or surprise delivery....it just seems to be taking some time to come and I hope that it WILL come x
  • I have been comping on and off over the last 30 years. I have won some amazing prizes. The last few years I was winning perhaps 1 prize in a year. I know I wasn't entering as many as I could have. So I give up for awhile. Started again September 2011 and won a childs bike ( second Facebook competition I entered) and this has made me more determined to get serious about comping again. I received a prize last week which closed in the middle of November - no prior notification I had won. I have won several prizes lately (some small) but all welcome. Keep at it and the prizes will arrive. Whenever I go for a week or two with no prizes I just enter more competitions. I am living in hope of winning a really big prize. I only enter around 30 competitions a day. Good Luck with your comping.
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    Good luck - there seems to be so many more people comping now than there was back last year when I started. But as others said, if it's making you "lose the will to live" - maybe it is time to either take a break or change the way you think about it :o Hope you get some wins soon x
    Thanks to all posters :A
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