Changing from hot water tank to new boiler

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Just about to buy a new house which currently has a hot water tank (I think its an immersion style) to provide all the hot water needs including central heating.

We are looking to upgrade this to a brand new boiler when we move in - ideally the most energy efficient one as we're trying to be green!

What's the best sort of boiler to get these days?

Also, the hot water tank is currently in the bathroom, which we're intending to replace in the first couple of months of moving in - is it worth doing it all at the same time?

Another question (sorry they keep on popping into my head!) is that the house also has tanked cold water. I'm not a big fan of tanked cold water at all (tastes funny imo) is there any way of getting normal (I guess mains) cold water installed? We are located quite high up, so water pressure isn't great. If we're stuck with using the cold water tank, does anyone know how easy it is to install a water filter tap in the kitchen, and how much these cost?

Oh, one more thing! We are hoping to get solar panels on our south-west facing roof in the not-too-distant-future, will this be able to link in with the new boiler, or would it require completely new infrastructure?



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    I thought the kitchen tap always had to come directly from the mains?
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    1. Kitchen tap should always be mains fed water.

    2. Dont drink tank water unless you want to spend more time in the bathroom on the throne.

    3. Dont believe everything you read about solar panels, the payback period is measured in decades in reality.

    4. Dependant upon the size of house/property and number of occupants, example, small 1 bathroom house, 2 occupants you could have a combi boiler and do away competely with hot and cold tanks. Best bet is to have a chat down your local plumbers merchants.
  • That's great, thanks :)

    I'll get in touch with the local plumbers/bathroom guys as soon as we move in. Presumably it's all worth doing at the same time?
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