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Hello everyone,

As the title above, I need some help for my son,my son is nearly 19 and about to finish his 3rd year at collage,but unfortunately he has always been ill/ the age of 3 he was diagnosed with Nephrotic syndrome(a chronic Kidney disorder)he has lived on steroids for the last 16years,he has also had a 16 week course of chemotherapy at the age on 10, unfortunately he's about to start a year long course of chemo(very low dose)in the next few weeks...........his immune system is very poor/low due to steroids/immune suppressant drugs so he suffers from many infections(chest,throat etc) about 4 years ago he also started to suffer from chronic Irritable bowel syndrome................

through out high school my son was on 3 day weeks,after leaving school he has lost 3 part time jobs due to the above illness's, as he's sick for approx 12 weeks a year minimum

so my question is....what benefits would/should he be entitled to??he has been on DLA lvl 2 care component for many years,but last years renewal dropped him to lvl 1 care component.......loosing 3 part time jobs for no reason of his own is really depressing him/us,and when he finishes collage this year at 19 he will loose the free prescriptions via WFTC??

My son would obviously rather be fit and able to work but what employer would accept 12 weeks minimum sick leave??so does it leave benefits??and if so what ones??

Thanks in advance


  • Prinzessilein
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    Your son is 19 - what has he been studying at college?

    If it was for A-Levels or equivalent, is he planning on going to University? There may be additional funding available to help him with his further studies.

    If he is going to be looking for work, then he will be able to claim JSA. If his health is too bad for him to work, then he can claim ESA.

    He may not lose his free prescriptions. I think he can get free prescriptions if he works and is on a low wage, and also if he is in Income Related ESA (I'm sure someone will be able to confirm this or correct me!)

    There should be a Disability Advisor at College, and a Careers Officer. They will be able to give specific advice based on your son's circumstances.
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    Most areas have a Connexions office - they should be able to offer help and advice.

    Your son could also consider agency work, and only accept work if he is not going through a period of illness - not ideal, I appreciate, but a possible option.
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    Thx for your reply's,I guess he will have to claim ESA/Income Support/Severe Disablement Allowance?as traditional employment seems to be out of the question?
  • welshgirl20_2
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    He can only claim ESA now as incapacity and income support has been phased out now on the grounds of illness. I am in a similar situation to your son i am 21 and a full time student though i did find this link a few weeks ago regarding full time education and and ESA

    If you go down to nearly the bottom of the page section 15 where is says students you will find information there.

  • suelees1
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    I assume you've been claiming tax credits and child benefit for him whilst he's at college?

    If so when he finishes he should claim ESA himself. He can also ask for them to review his DLA at any time if he/you feel he meets the conditions for the middle rate of the care component and possible the mobility component
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