Mature student needs help with travel and fees!!!!

My fiancee is currently studying a two year post-grad course in speech and laungage therapy in Edinburgh. She is commuting from glasgow every day and is the course is receiving no funding from the goverment except a discount in fees which brings them to £1150 a year. She has been refused a career development loan which we were relying on for £8000. My fiancee already has a student loan and overdraft so would prefer not to take on anymore debt as we are struggling to pay all the bills and mortgage from my income. I would be very greatful for any suggestions of funding we might be able to apply for.

Thank you in advance!!


  • Title should read post-grad student she is only 22.

  • Does her Uni offer a hardship grant to post grads? I was assessed by mine and qualified for it as I was travelling a long way (not as far as your fiancee though). THe amounts were decided on distance from UNi, I got £500 then a bit more as I needed to be there out of term time.

    good luck, hopefully it'll all be worth it in the end.
  • I thought some courses got nhs funding?
    Can she not move, does she absolutely HAVE to commute?
    Have a look at the NHS website, and get a copy of the Mature students' guide from UCAS, as it has a lot of useful information in it.
    I got fees, travel and childcare reimbursed last year for doing a part time certificate course at the local Uni, I applied through their hardship fund.
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  • As she is a student again, I presume full-time, her Student Loan Company repayments are frozen as she is not earning. So there is no need for you to continue repaying them at present.

    The interest on a student loan is lower than a Career Development Loan so I would take advantage of that. In real terms (after inflation is accounted for) it is essentially free interest wise.

    To save on travel has she considered sharing a lift- there must be lots of people who do a daily Glasgow to Edinburgh commute.
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