Wording advice?

Just about to complete CCCS notifications to creditors for DMP proposal.

Where it asks for REASON circumstances have changed, what would appropriate wording be when its a case of just just too much debt / less incomings than outgoings now.

Paying the minimum and basically living on credit for living each month has just escalated the debts. When you hit the limits realisation that you can't even afford to live hits hard. Increased mortage rates/utilities etc I'm sure they're not interested in hearing all this...

Its not huge box so obviously its not chapter and verse required - just don't know how to word what I want.


  • When I entered my Trust Deed I had to write a reason for my circumstances. What creditors are normally looking for are dates and specific events that may have contributed. For example change in employment, addition to family, separation/divorce, overtime reduced etc.

    Hope that helps
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