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After many months of sporadically visiting, feeling like it's time to face up to my debts then plunging back into denial, I've finally made it in here... So a little background...

I'm a bloke and I'm 26. I've always been TERRIBLE with money, a definite spender not a saver.. If I can squander it, I will. Generally one of life's underachievers, I've somehow managed to allow 10 years since leaving school to pass me by. Not one achievement to show for it, no savings, no mortgage, just a little bit debt and me!

I've spent much of those years in the building trade, drinking with the lads, not taking responsibility for myself and basically just being a sh*t excuse for a man! My eureka moment came in Nov 2009. After a pretty turbulent 18 months spent with a female (don't ask) I was feeling pretty crap, self-esteem was rock bottom, steady job but not well paid, with little prospects. I'd always fancied myself in a fast paced, well paid career but lacked the confidence and qualifications. Sat daydreaming on the laptop one day, talking to my dad when he challenged me with a statement which to this day has become my life philosophy - the only thing stopping you is yourself...

And so my journey to becoming a better person began. That week I applied to university and some months later.. September of this year.. I began my Law degree part time. I work 39 hours a week, and every tuesday and thursday I race from work to uni for 3 hours of lectures and seminars. Makes for a long day but I love it!

How does this link with paying off debt then? Well I got a shock yesterday. I was invoiced for my course. £1200 over 6 months. First instalment due immediately. Impossible. I have now applied for funding which will cover at least half of that fee but on a wage of £272 a week, things were still going to be pretty tight. So here I am.

I posted an SOA in the parent forum but I have more or less figured a way out of debt. I have approx. £1500 debt in total, not a lot by some standards but enough to warrant relentless debt letters. I've done a bit research and I'm going to use the snowball method to pay off my creditors and have set myself the target of being debt free by Oct 31st 2012. Fingers crossed with the help of this forum I can make some savings on my SOA and get it paid off quicker.

So my first contribution to this forum, besides the boring monologue above, is to let everyone know that I've written a letter to each of my creditors offering them a minimum repayment of £10 p/month and stated that using the snowball method I will be using my disposable income to clear each debt one by one.

Thanks for your support.. If you're still awake...!!
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