Tip for washing the greenhouse

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For everyone that hates washing their greenhouse - I bought something called a superspray hose end sprayer off the web originally to wash my car with but it says it has many other uses too!

Basically it looks like a typical trigger spray but its head connects to a hosepipe. If you add detergent to the bottle with a bit of water to thin it down abit then turn on the tap. The thing dilutes the detergent as you spray, so you can get the 'wash' onto the roof glass really easy. You need a soft broom to 'scrub' the glass then just rinse off with the detergent control to off.

I used jeyes fluid in the same way to disinfect the inside too but you must remove all greenery first. Leave it to work for a time then rinse away.

Cant stop playing with it. Its a great buy for a tenner and makes the whole job easier and safer. I can recommend it
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