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Hi All!

I'm hoping I've put this in the right place.

Couple of months ago I ordered some tickets online. I paid using my credit card. However personal circumstance mean I need to cancel the order. I emailed the company in question who have told me under no circumstance can I cancel even though when I first contacted them there was 3 months until the event. They have offered me no help what so ever, in fact their email consisted of a copy and paste of the wording in their FAQs!
I was wondering, because of the poor service I have received whether this would come under section 75? I'm desperate to get the money back and am hoping for some advice.
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    If section 75 applies, then it (pretty much) gives you the same rights against the card issuer that you would have had against the retailer.

    So, if you had the right to change your mind and get a refund from the retailer and the retailer refused, then you'd be able to claim against your card issuer. However, you generally don't have the right to change your mind. Unless you can find some way in which the retailer has breached its contract with you, I don't think section 75 will help you.

    Is the event sold out? Are you allowed to sell the tickets on to a third party to recoup some of your losses?
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    No event isn't sold out but it isn't until Feb. I could resell them on same site but will have to pay fees etc. Also I haven't got the tickets yet and am worried about selling on something I don't physically have!

    Was hoping a section 75 would make the whole thing easier.
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    Was hoping a section 75 would make the whole thing easier.

    What breach of rules/law has taken place that you are aware of or what have they failed to do that you purchased?
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