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I recently re-mortgaged with the Woolwich from Advantage. The re-mortgage went through quicker than expected (28th October) so didnt cancel the Advantage direct debit in time for the 2nd November.

Consequently, i called Advantage on the 4th November to request the money be refunded back into my account. I was told at this time that the re-mortgage was not showing on the account. As soon as it was they would send a cheque to my bank for the amount owed. I advised i would need the money for the 16th November to cover my first new mortgage payment so to treat as urgent.

As time went on and numerous checks of the bank account no payment had been recieved so i called on the 15th November to chase and was advised it had been sent out on the 14th. I left it until the end of the week and checked with Barclays who advised they had not received anything.

So i called Advantage again to let them know and they said to check again w/c 21st they gave me a cheque number the address it was sent to and my name and address, Barclays still said they had no cheque so filed a complaint for a missing cheque.

I was advised that the cheque was raised on the 7th November and sent on the 14th second class, so obviously no urgency here.

I called advantage again yesterday 21st November to ask them to cancel the cheque as it was obviously lost and pay the amount straight into my account.

I was told i would get a phone call back from the credits department which i did not get.

So i called again today and after being put on hold numerous times was told that it would take 5 days for the current cheque to be cancelled, a further 5 for the new cheque to be raised, possibily another 5 for delivery, then 5 more to clear.

My new mortgage payment was due on the 16th so i have already been given until the end of the month to make the payment. Now its going to surpass that and i will default on my first payment.

I demanded that they pay the money directly to my account for tomorrow but they will not do this.

I want Advantage to pay for this especially as i kept asking to speak to a manager and they would not let me (apparently not available despite coming back and telling me they spoke to a manager) i was then put on hold for 15 minutes, blatently to get rid of me (in total i was on the phone for 58 minutes)

What can i do, other than ask them to write me a letter to confirm its there fault i have missed a payment, which i dont think they will do, and for them to pay the charge ill get for defaulting?


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