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- can I claim back overdraft fees taken from my benefit ?

I'm on income support and keep getting hit with paid item fee charges and unofficial overdraft charges from Sanatander - this is eating into my rent/living money.

I read somewhere that if in hardship (i.e on income support) there was a law where banks couldn't take your benefit money - my overdraft is around £200 and charges are £25 per bounced payment - so I am spending an average of £75 a month on charges - usually built up from small payments where I think I'm in credit when I'm not.

I was going to go to the bank and tell them they took my winter fuel payments (of £25) last year and left me unable to heat my house, but I am not seeing any of that law on here anymore, are the banks allowed to take the money now by law ? do I have any chance of getting any back if I go to the Financial Ombusman ?

They took £200 rent money recently too - so I'm in arrears with that now too.

Any help appreciated as I don't want to go to my bank and they tell me hard luck and take away to £200 overdraft - which will leave me another £200 worse off + all the fees. Thanks.
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