Reclaiming £150 bank charges in time for christmas

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Hi all

I have had a quick read through the guides, although very good they are quite long winded for what i need.

This month i have been charged £150 in overdraft charges, now needless to say this is a kick in the balls this close to christmas but this is also nearly 1/4 of my wage packet :(

Is there a quick way of getting atleast some of it written off?

I was going to phone but thought id check here first for any tips/advice.

I dont want to come accross like a complete !!!!!! on the phone because the operator is only human and will be more likely to want to help me if i am polite etc, but at the same time i dont want to come accross like a pushover.

ANY help greatly appreciated

thanks in advance


  • What was the reason for the charges?
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    ezza9000 wrote: »
    being overdrawn
    The question was looking for a slightly more specific answer!
  • Sorry, what details exactly am I neglecting to mention? Dates?
  • Getting it 'written off' before Christmas would be very unlikely but without exact details about why you went overdrawn I don't think anybody can give you a clear idea. My suggestion would be to call your bank and explain that there is no way you can afford these charges and request a planned overdraft (they're interest free) which you will happily pay off over the course of the next six months. It's not a refund but you will still have most of your pay and will only have to pay £25 a month to clear it. They might not be too forthcoming in offering you the overdraft so plan/fabricate a budget on paper before you call (food, bills, rent, etc...) that leaves you with £30 and tell the bank you will pay them this over six months to cover the planned overdraft. The banks are pretty much forced in to helping people more than the past so they are obliged to do anything they can to help you out. Also, after Christmas see if you can claim the £150 back.

    Good luck!
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    ezza9000 wrote: »
    Sorry, what details exactly am I neglecting to mention? Dates?
    The name of the bank would be a good start! Halifax charge £5 per day (x 30 days = £150) for unauthorised overdraft use.

    Or maybe you went overdrawn, and then 6 DD payments were requested (and either paid item or unpaid item fees were charged)...£25 x 6 = £150

    Or maybe...

    You get the idea?
  • Right

    My bank is HSBC and it seems that there were 15 transactions after i was over my overdraft, all small (less than £5) and all for food
  • forgot to include a transaction that sent me over my overdraft by the highest amount was bank charges they too out once i was past my overdraft of £100
  • ezza,
    I too had this problem with hsbc last month. normally I just pay up and say nothing, but as they had this time decided to bounce 3 direct debits andnot let me go a penny over my overdraft with no notice to me at all, I got a bit fed up and rang them.

    They were going to charge me £150 and I asked them if they would waiver all or at least some of the charges in order to give me a fighting chance. Thought I had nothing to lose. To my amazement they knocked £50 off the charges!! Said they wouldnt do it again in the next 6 months. I was poite and asked - didnt have to put up much of a case at all. I am now waiting for a phone call for one from this month (charges for the 3 bounced dd, one of which they did not notify me of), see if I can get another £25 knocked off. Again I have nothing to lose by asking the question.

    Hope this helps!
  • I keep saying this but the banks have no authority to make these charges. Under English law they cannot impose a fine, which is what they are doing because you exceeded your overdraft or had sufficient funds to cover direct debits etc. It might be in their terms and conditions but they are written solely for their benefit and not yours. Nor does it mean that they are lawful, they are not. Only courts can impose fines, not banks, councils, car parks etc.
    Write to the bank ( don't phone - you'll only get brain - dead - Brenda who parrots the bank's rules and has no authority ) and remind them that to charge you £150 would be unlawful and you will file a claim with the Ombudsman and the small claims court if necessary if they do. Also ask them for a true and accurate breakdown of their costs in refusing your payments. This usually works and you get a snooty letter saying that on this occasion etc etc. It is your money and the banks do not have the right to help themselves to it.
    I'd open a second account somewhere else for emergencies if they turn stroppy and close your account. I doubt they will because Alliance and Leicester did just that and are still smarting at having to compensate the customer.
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