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need advice, hospital and care of a dog

in Pets & pet care
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I'm posting this for an elderly neighbour who needs to go into hospital for an operation on his knees, i have no info on what is being done etc...

But the gentleman has a little dog which means the world to him.

He has no one to look after his pup whilst he is in hospital and after whilst he recovers, the pup can't stay at home whilst he is away..

I would take the pup if i could, but with my jealous pup there is no way this would be possible.

Is there organisations that will/can place the pup with 'foster parents' and let him have pup back when he has recovered.

many thanks
Terry Pratchett


  • Try the Cinnamon Trust. :)
  • Maybe ring around the local boarding kennels and see if they'd be willing to offer a reduced fee considering the circumstances? Not likely but worth a try I suppose.

    Local rescues might be able to help if its for a very short period of time.

    This site has a 'volunteers' section on its forum, you could post on there perhaps?
  • scaredy_catscaredy_cat Forumite
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    you could try the cinnamon Trust - or the Dogs Trust - or national animal welfare trust -
    Cats don't have owners - they have staff!! :D:p
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  • MupetteMupette Forumite
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    oh brilliant, i knew you guys/gals would come up trumps..

    i shall let him know and help him sort this out.

    Terry Pratchett
  • rising_from_the_ashesrising_from_the_ashes Forumite
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    Mupette is the dog insured? Many policies cover boarding fees if the owner is in hospital etc.
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  • ikati5ikati5 Forumite
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    You may be able to get someone to go to the home and feed and walk like when you go on holiday, this may help when he gets back from his op too. Animal Aunts is a northern company, not sure where you live,
  • Contact the hospital he is going into. They have social workers attahced to them that can provide access to kennels. They usually work in emerrgency situations (urgent admits etc) but are there for this type of thing too!

    Was Greenmoneysaver. . .
  • not sure what to suggest but i feel for him :-( our late westie meant the world to my dad and he hated leaving her when he was in hospital so i know how he must feel
  • Sally_ASally_A Forumite
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    How are you getting on Mupette? and whereabouts in the UK are you?

    Which hospital is Mr next door being admitted to?

    I have a mate who is a PA to a surgeon, a lot of old people have put off having ops as they don't want to leave the dogs in kennels, so on occasion she has taken them in (talk about above and beyond the call of duty).
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    TropezTropez Forumite
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    I can't give you advice on this that hasn't already been given but the thread raises for me an interesting question.

    Several years ago, when I was 18/19 and still living with my mother, I was admitted to hospital. While the nurse was taking my details, she specifically asked whether I had any pets to which I responded that I had a dog. She then asked whether there was anybody able to take care of the dog and I told her that my mother would be able to. After I answered, she said that was good and that she had to ask because the hospital had an obligation to ensure that any pets were taken care of if their owners were in hospital.

    Thinking about it, I wasn't asked that question on a more recent visit to the hospital so was this once part of NHS policy and has now been done away with (perhaps due to budget constraints?) or was my local hospital, those 9-10 years ago, acting independently on such a matter as part of their own policy?

    Hmm, I'll have to ask my partner when she gets back home from work.
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