Where do you get your manure from? Best Places?

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I'd like to start growing Veg :T and need to prepare heavy clay soil in my garden.

I would like to use manure, but it's proving very difficult to find!!

I have rung round a few nurseries and horticultural wholesalers and retailers but they only do topsoil or compost. Was thinking about trying farms next, but haven't yet worked up the courage. It seems a bit cheeky ringing up farms to ask. Does anyone else do this?

Do you get manure for your garden, plot, containers?

Where do you get your manure from?


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    Try a local stables - I wandered down to a small farm just down the road from me (only about 4 horses). They were only too happy to for me to take as much manure as I wanted. Apparently they have to pay to get it taken away otherwise.

    I just make sure I leave the muck heap tidy when I leave.

    The husband of one of the horse owners even offered to drop me round a load in a grab lorry if I wanted more!
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    dropping it off in a grab lorry would be perfect!

    ok, it took forever but have finally found a farm really near me (using yellow pages and google maps)... they're not answering, so will go and see them. Horse poo here I come...
  • Just wondered if also there are any riding schools/riding stables nearby to you, perhaps you could try there too!
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    yes horse manure but you have to leave it for a couple of months dug into the soil before you plant things, we get ours free, next to the horse field near us they have a sign daily saying free for collection, bagged up already
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    Contact a local stables or anyone with a horse and they will have tonnes of the stuff they need to get rid of. They might even deliver it to you.
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  • My allotment has a farmer who delivers manure to the site. £20 for a MASSIVE amount. I'd check out your local allotments to see if they have their own "Manure Man".
  • Remember you cant use 'fresh' manure on your plot to plant straight in to. It is too strong for plants and will burn them. You have to leave it to compost for quite a while for it to be of real use. So make sure you get a supply of 'well-composted' manure from your source. Stables, small holdings, and farms should be able to supply you with this. Good luck and happy gardening.
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    samcat wrote:

    Where do you get your manure from?

    The back end of a horse!

    ( Sorry - I couldn't resist!)
    I wish you......
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  • if you have a local freeads paper check in that, theres always offers of well rotted stuff
  • quote...I'd like to start growing Veg and need to prepare heavy clay soil in my garden...unquote.
    We have all the horse manure right next door to us Samcat so it has helped our heavy claypot soil and it should improve yours also, but we have also added course sand and the contents of the compost heap have all helped over the years and it has taken years. Some of our neighbours have actually replaced sections of there garden soil with bought in top soil which is worth a mention. Mrs Happy
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