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Hi All,
Newbie here so hello to everyone :)
I sent my Dad a Bank Draft from the USA to the UK last week to pay for a birthday present.
He deposited this in his account, then later in the week drew out the money.
Yesterday he recieved a call from his bank telling them that the draft had not cleared because the clearing house had lost the draft, and that they were removing the credit from his account...
He went in and argued his case but he is really soft. He came away and asked me to send a new bank draft as this is what they told him to do to 'sort it out'.
This all seems like BS for me. To replace the bank draft is an absolute PITA. It has already been paid for, is available to be cashed at any time and, from what I understand - cannot be cancelled. We would have to pay for another one and then leave that money outstanding for months until the bank decides it may not be cashed after all....
If they (Lloyds TSB) have recieved the draft and my Dad has a reciept for it - are they not required to honour their own mistake in then losing it?
Any advice would be more than welcome....
Thanks in advance
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