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Hi All

My boyfriend made a payment online from his bank to a credit card last November that never made it to the credit card, this happened twice and then he went to pay it in branch and again it never made it to the credit card. Each time despite proof of providing the correct account codes for the credit card it has not made it there. He has not yet been reimbeursed for the money they sent to the wrong place and has since last November being paying interest on the credit card although they have agreed to reimburse this.

Whilst this has been going on in March this year someone hacked into his bank account and as advised by the bank/police he agreed they would let the transactions go through to assist in their invesigations, however since March his bank account has been frozen, the money has been returned to the account however they still haven't released the account. and therefore he has been without a bank account since March

They have made a number of offers of compensation including written agreements of when it will be paid, but when it has got to those promised days they have revoked on the agreement. we got so fed up we are now taking them to court and have a court date of the 9th December. They have now made contact again to ask if we are still willing to settle out of court.

Can someone advise what sort of figure we should be looking at to claim in compensation, i have read somewhere we may be able to claim £100 a day since first occurance for the stress and
inconvenience caused is this true?

Thanks in advance
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