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Does anyone make their own cleansers/toners or moisturisers?

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Over the last few years I have been trying to make as many different things for the house as poss ie soap, washing powders, cleaners etc thanks to this website. At the moment i have got to the stage of toiletries....for example, i am going to try shampoo with bi-carb & water next time i wash my hair.

Anyway, i was wondering does anyone on here make their own cleansers/toners or moisturisers? I do have sensitive skin so i need to be careful with this.

If you do i would love to hear what you use so i can try it too.

Thanks for any replies


  • ajs88
    ajs88 Posts: 66 Forumite
    I make these

    Orange & Olive Oil Body Scrub
    Mix brown sugar, olive oil and essential oil. I use this scrub in circular movements to improve circulation

    Honey Hair Mask
    In a cup mix 2 parts olive oil to 1 part honey and gently warm the cup and treatment in the hot bath water. Gently massage into your hair from your ears down and leave while you soak, rinse and shampoo afterwards. This is very effective and can literally 'save' your hair

    Good Enough to Eat Facial Scrub
    Mix some very fine sugar and olive or almond oil with a very fine sugar such as muscovado and a couple of drops of orange oil. I use it in gentle circles over the face, neck and upper chest area, I also leave it on for a bit afterwards to let the oil moisturise the skin and for best results finish with a facial sauna.

    Facial Sauna
    Add a couple of drops of lavender oil to a bowl or sink of boiling water, placeyour face over the bowl and a towel over your head to keep the steam in, once youve had enough splash the face with cold water to close the pores.

    Lavender Toner
    Mix a small bottle of water twenty drops of lavender oil and sue to refresh the skin or after cleansing or washing

    Nightime Face Oil
    Mix a thinner oil such as jojoba with a moisturising essential oil such as orange or rose and apply thinnly
  • Hawthorn
    Hawthorn Posts: 1,241 Forumite
    I have very sensitive skin too, but this recipe from better basics is fantastic, soothing and calms my skin rather than irritates it.

    1/2 cup aloe vera gel, 1/8 cup glycerin - moisturiser

    and for cleanser 1 tsp glycerin, to 3tsp water as a cleanser.
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  • adelight
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    I love making my own beauty products, especially ones that really work and emulate fantastic natural products-not just rubbing your face in a bowl of porridge, I know this does work for some people and doesn't require special ingredients I just don't find it very luxurious or effective for me. These are my favourite simple ones:
    moroccan oil as a hair serum or hair mask. don't know why brands charge you £10 for 10mls suspended in water when it's very cheap to buy in bulk online. olive oil works well too.
    jojoba oil as facial oil
    whipped raw cocoa/shea/avocado etc butter with water for a moisturiser
    soap made of co!!!! oil, raw cocoa/shea butter, rosemary sprigs and/or green clay powder. great cleanser and body soap, removes the most stubborn make up and is all natural so non drying and good on sensitive skin. coconut oil, raw cocoa/shea butter and essential oil makes a lovely bar shampoo for hair, much like the Lush ones but not so nicely coloured.
    clay powders mixed into water, essential oil, aloe vera juice etc to make face masks.
    diy lip balms of wax and butters

    Most of these don't use products you'll have lying around but the ingredients are cheap if buying enough to make say a years supply. you get "tesco finest" range products for "tesco value" prices :)
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  • MuchAdo_2
    Another sensitive-skinned person here!

    I use 3 parts Apple Cider Vinegar to 1 part boiled water as a cleanser. I find it works really well, removes make-up well & is also helping to gradually even my skin tone & fade my old acne scars (I do make sure I wear a daily sunscreen, due to the acid in the vinegar). I bought a big bottle of ACV for £3, it lasts ages.

    Once or twice a week, I use an olive oil scrub in the shower - just a mix of olive oil and sugar (rather than salt, which I find too drying). I use it on my face & body, find it leaves my skin nice and soft.

    I also use ACV as a final rinse on my hair, leaves it nice and shiny.Didn't get on with bicarb as a shampoo though, left my hair a tangled mess! :o
  • pineapple
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    I'm 61 and have good skin.
    I do use a shop cleanser (Simple) but make my own toner with witch hazel and water. Half and half is astringent enough for me. I dilute with ordinary water (but used to use rose water).
    You need to shop around for witch hazel. You can get it a lot cheaper at certain discount toiletry shops than at certain chemists! But if you pay, say £1.20 and dilute then you are getting a bottle of toner for 60p. :T
    Plus it goes a long way.
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