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Cat Dilemma!

tankgirl1tankgirl1 Forumite
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I'm looking for some opinions etc on a dilemma I have.

I live in a small village, been in this flat for 5yrs, have 1 dog, and 2 cats

Both cats were born in this flat. It's a quiet cul de sac, not much traffic. Lots of fields behind our neighbours gardens.

Moving to a new build - main road (well for a village - its still 30mph limit) on one side, then gardens and a field with a train track up an embankment off the field.

Pumpkin, the youngest, MN DMH is a people !!!!! - visits everyone on the road, invited or not, all the local kids know him as he will follow them then flop over for a belly rub when they stop, is often a dirty stop out, but always comes home ( usually in order to wake me up by paddying my armpits at 3am), is very laid back, and if I have to lock him in a room etc, he just sleeps. He also got hit by a car at about 8mths old - no injuries, just got a shot of steriods at the OOH vet, but is now VERY wary of cars. He'll be coming with us, and spending a few weeks locked indoors before we let him out.

Pixel, FN DSH is a strange one. She's a bit of a loner - we often don't see her for a day or two, then the will barge in and eat anything in sight. She's always hunting and bringing her kills home, and according to my neighbours she spends a lot of her time in the fields behind their gardens. Every couple of weeks or so, she'll come for a cuddle, but she really is Mrs Independant. She has pulled up all the carpets round all the internal doors when she has been shut in a room by accident, broken two cat flaps in order to get out, and chewed all the paint off the living room, kitchen and bedroom window handles - again when shut in either by accident or necessity.

I'm really torn what to do with her - there is a lady who lives on our current road, would probably adopt her, and I can't help thinking that that would be best for her.

Take her with me and she will go stir crazy for a few weeks - may adjust after time, but given that we are moving less than a mile away from our current flat I can't help worrying she will get squashed trying to get back to her beloved fields...

Plus, and I have to consider this, as I have been given special permission to keep more than the allotted one pet - If I lock her in for 2 weeks, she will likely trash the new build house....:( Or at least the parts of it she can get to....

I'm stuck - I think I want someone to agree with me that rehoming on our current street would be best, but I don't want to let her go from our little family....
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  • gettingreadygettingready Forumite
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    I think I want someone to agree with me that rehoming on our current street would be best

    Honestly? I would.. If I was sure that whoever takes her will make sure she is happy.

    As you say, ony a mile away and she loves HER fields.. she will probably be trying to go back. She is happy where she is... I honestly would - if there was someone I would trust...

    I have a bit of an issue with my Teddy - he was with my ex for 3 years and was out all day going in and out from all the neighbours there, everyone loved him and he was welcome everywhere.

    Coming back to me after those 3 years - to a 1st floor flat where I have to walk him down, let him out, walk down to pick him up.. He "adopted" a family on the ground floor and gets in and out through their window.

    They love him - a couple and 2 kids. He loves them too. I was trying to stop that etc etc but really - what is the point? Cats are not like dogs and they seem to choose where they want to be at any given time - what is the point of making them misearable?

    So this morning I took 2 cat dishes and several sachets of cat food and knocked on those neighbours - gave those to the little girl and told her she is in charge of feeding Teddy when he is on their side of the garden (99% of the time when he is out). The little girl was over the moon....

    Teddy is still my cat but now we kind of share him really - he is happy, I know they look out for him when he is out (all my neighbours do) and the kids are extatic on the idea of being in charge of feeding Teddy ;)

    So,,, in yoru position I would rehome - given a chance of a really good home. After all - we may love them to bits but they are not our posessions as such and if we know something else makes them happy - we have to let this happen.

    All the best - whatever you decide - HUGS
  • rising_from_the_ashesrising_from_the_ashes Forumite
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    Awww hun (((hugs)))) it's always awful when you realise that being with you may not be the best thing.

    I also agree that she's very likely to try to get back to the fields and having a road in between isn't a good scenario:( (not sure if she'd have to cross the railway too? But if so, a huge risk).

    If this lady would be happy to have her, it does seem it may be for the best and you could maybe visit now & then to check up on her?

    One of my pals had something similar to Gettingready's situation a while ago (although her cat obviously wasn't happy whereas Teddy obviously is). She's got 7 cats and 2 big dogs and one was always very shy, would never go out and hid away - think she just didn't like all the hustle & bustle in the house. She's now moved in downstairs where she's the only pet and is a different cat:D, my pal sees her now & then so it's sometimes for the best. I'm sure Teddy will love having 2 homes & families!
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  • gettingreadygettingready Forumite
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    Teddy is absolutely happy - just saw him tottaly chilled out on.. the kids trampoline LOL

    Wel, I still have a problem with Chloe hating Zara and spending most of her time under the bed - since May :(

    Chloe is the BEST cat for someone who has no dogs, she is an absolute lap cat, purring machine and always wanting cuddles but she hates Zara 100% despite Zara's best efforst to make friends with Chloe....

    I still have not managed to find someone who could take Chloe on though.. which is a shame as she is a semi long haired georgeous tabby girl and would be an absolutely ideal cat for someoen who likes lap cats headbutting for cuddles and curling up on a pillow next to their head to sleep...

    My boys are very chilled out and independent but Chloe is only hapy when I lock the bedroom door at night and it is just me an Chloe time with no dog in the room....

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