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Minor Rant!

I'm sorry but I just need a minor rant about a friend of mine who is driving me crazy! She claims she loves animals and constantly criticises people who aren't 'responsible pet owners' - to the extent that she will go on fb and on forums to offer advice and criticise people who she doesn't feel are doing things right. However when it comes to her and her pets she seems to think she's perfect!

She currently has a menagerie of small pets - I think last count was a hamster, 2 gerbils, 4 guineas. She had a bunny but she got rid of it, she had a cat but it went missing. About a month ago she said to me that since she was going back to work soon she was thinking of trying to rehome one of the pairs of guineas as she wouldn't have enough time to spend on them. I said I could see her point and it was a responsible decision.

Next thing I hear she's keeping the guineas, her OH has got a snake (which is kept in the same room as all the little critters) and is wanting to get some degus. Another friend of mine used to have these and while they're lovely I know they have quite specific needs, I asked her if she'd looked into this as she's always saying how skint she is and I know they need special food, sand etc. She said she would do before she committed to them. Anyway, she gets two of them and the other friend tells me she's been asking her loads of questions about them and clearly knew basically nothing on them beforehand!

2 weeks later she's asking the other friend if she wants to take them on as 'she doesn't have the time for them'. The other friend says she doesn't have the time or money for them at the moment so they end up going to someone she knows on fb. This was about a week ago - last night I hear she's got a puppy!!!! So she doesn't have the time or money for guineas or degus but she thinks she does for a dog? OH says I shouldn't say anything to her so he can see I am mad right now - I can just see that in a month she's not going to be coping with it and looking for someone else to take it on and the poor thing is going to be confused and pushed about from pillar to post.

Sorry for the rant but I swear if I see her online criticising someone else for not being responsible today I'm going to snap! :mad:


  • Don't blame you for feeling mad with her if she doesn't have time for guineas can't see how she'll manage with a puppy. Perhaps when your calmer you can have a chat about this puppy maybe there is more to it if you've only heard secondhand and then once with with full story let your feelings be known.
  • Sounds like my cousin - went through a sucession of furry animals that she dumped onto other friends (thankfully in the pre-FB days) before she graduated to a kid whom she fobs off onto anyone and everyone who'll take her off her hands for days at a time.
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  • This sort of thing makes me very cross too. In a similar vein, I have an (ex) friend who would go on and on about how much she knew about dogs, shout down anyone, etc etc, particularly in relation to hip issues etc (she has a shepherd). Her shep has bad hips (despite, according to her, the parents etc being perfect). Then she gets another dog. Different breed. Guess what... 6 months in, bad hips.

    Might be something to do with the 5 mile marches they've gone on ever since they were pups.... poor dogs.
  • 5 mile marches for pups :eek: The guideline is 5 minutes per month old! So by the time vaccinations have taken you are probably looking at 15-20 minutes. 5 miles would take the best part of 2 hours!

    Mind you there are loads of pet owners who have the same level of responsibility for their pets that they do for a furry toy. After all the publicity about dogs in cars in the sun, what did I see today? A dog, in a car, in a car park in full sun - it's nearly 30C here! Spoke to another passer-by and he said he had asked around already and the owner was on the way - checked up a few minutes later and the dog was out of the car and with a sheepish looking bloke. Sheesh!
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