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hi looking for a indoor cat for my little girl. Has to be clean and must not scratch furniture.

Yes, I did contact the poster and suggested a cuddly soft toy :mad:

Forgetting the bits "for my little girl" and "must not scratch" - it also asks for a "free" cat....

What always makes me wonder - people saying they cant afford to pay for a pet but will offer a great home... I am asking HOW?

Having had a £2200 bill for george's op 2 weeks ago (thanks God for insurance).. I always wonder if these "seeking free pets" people have got ANY clue how much does it actually cost to KEEP a pet in reasonable comfort?

What is they can's afford to meet say vet fees? Put it down (as it was free) and get another (free) one?



  • I don't know whether to laugh or cry at their request! Maybe I should send her a photo of the arm of my sofa - that might put her off the idea!
  • yeah - a cat that does not scratch, a dog that never barks......they should feed themselves somewhere for free and lick their own wounds when needed... sigh....
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    :mad: I think many people just think a bag of food and that's it.

    Although the food for my 2 comes in around £30 / month, by the time I add litter, flea & wormer stuff, insurance, boosters etc etc, it probably costs me around £70 - £75 month to keep them (in the manner to which they are accustomed;)).

    Of course, they are worth every penny:D but people just don't think .....:mad:
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  • Yes, it all adds up. This week alone I have spent £27 on 6 x Frontline; £21-odd at the vet because Spot's paw became very swollen to twice its normal size (he has since made a full recovery :)); and of course top quality food and cat litter.

    It has, however, been a slightly unusual week in that I've not had any deliveries from Zooplus :eek: I'm on first name terms with the Parelforce man now :rotfl:
  • Anybody with the line "want this for my little girl" (particularly those that say "Hi I'd like a labra-doodle-springa-poo-tzu- or other equally pricey breed/cross of breeds- for my little girl") ring alarm bells very very loudly for me. I don't think animals should be obtained FOR children... I think they should be got for families - but anything with the wording of the ad screams out that the novelty is very likely to wear off with the kid within about a month, the animal's bound to scratch or damage something (even my indoor cat who meets all the requirements occasionally "clicks" stuff with her claws by accident) and it'll be out on its ear or off to the rehoming centre at best. Or the kid's mate will get a puppy and then the cat will be yesterday's news and the pestering for a puppy/gerbil/tarantula as they enter their teenage goth rebellion years will start instead.
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