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scented garden required

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mariejadermariejader Forumite
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Hi I am looking to create a scented garden this year and was looking for ideas, I thought this would be a really good idea as we do sit in the garden in the summer evenings and I love the idea of a occassional scented smell in the light breeze

I have planted a few lavendar bushes and have purchased some honey suckle and jasmine any one got any other idea's I would prefer to buy shrubs that are hardy and last the winter.

All suggstions greatfully received

Thanks in advance


  • heatherw_01heatherw_01 Forumite, Board Guide
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    I found a list here with lots of plants/shrubs for different seasons too.
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  • JayarJayar Forumite
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    Do not be tempted by Santolina (lavender cotton). The feathery leaves smell wonderfully of lavender, however the flowers ..... stink!
    I have to cut the flowers off, and there are hundreds on one plant, before they open otherwise, on a warm evening it smells like a hundred dogs have poo'd in the garden.
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  • tanithtanith Forumite
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    Philadelphus (mock Orange) is a wonderfully scented shrub...
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  • carolbeecarolbee Forumite
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    for winter scent try Sarcococca

    have you thought about herbs as well, rosemary etc?
  • conradmumconradmum Forumite
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    An obvious answer is roses. David Austin do some beautifully scented English roses, and they even tell you what kind of scent they have on the website. I have a line of roses next to my patio and really love the scent on warm summer days.
  • Eagle_1Eagle_1 Forumite
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    How about Curry plants, they smell lovely. They look very much like lavender plants.
    Just done a google search and this is what it told me:
    A tender perennial, its name comes from the curry spice aroma from its leaves. This is not the commercial source of curry powder but it has a very similar fragrance. The commercial blend is actually a blend of turmeric, cumin, cardamom, cayenne and coriander. A curry plant looks similar to a lavender plant with its beautiful, soft grey leaves. It grows bright yellow clustered flowers in July to September. It can be grown in containers with other plants such as thyme and oregano. This plant is native to Turkey and grows on the sunny slopes there. It is also related to the dried Strawflower. The CURRY PLANT makes a great garden herb plant or indoor/outdoor container plant.

    Hope that helps :)
  • I'm growing an akebia quinata - a chocolate vine - this year. Yummy! :) It's a climber and is very pretty. another climber, but wisteria smells absolutely gorgeous. mahonia is nice too, and a shrub.
  • If you have room for another climber try clematis armandii. It's evergreen and has beautifully scented white/cream flowers in early spring. I think one of the best scented is a variety called "apple blossom".

    How about trying lillies in pots? You can place these to fill any gaps in your beds as plants come and go or move them around your seating area as required.
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