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Kitten help please :(


Just need a bit of advice please, we've never had a cat before. We got a kitten yesterday, she's 7 weeks old. All been ok up until tonight. She's had diarrhea & now just been sick as well :( Could this be something serious, or a normal kitten thing?

Thanks x


  • Has she been wormed recently? That can cause diarrhea.

    Have you changed her food and feeding her something different to what she had with her mum?

    At 7 weeks, has she been weaned properly yrt? Bit young to be taken away from mum if you ask me....

    With a little one like that I would be off to the vets fast myself...
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    Could be normal, but as you aren't an experienced cat owner, much less used to raising tiny kittens, you are far better going to the vet than trusting us lot on here to advise you. No criticism, just you really should get her checked out in case the whole litter were carrying something serious.
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  • Definately take the kitten to the vets. 7 weeks is too young for a kitten to leave their mum to be honest. Kittens can dehydrate very quickly when they have diarrhoeaand this can kill them. I am currently fostering kittens for Animals in Need and two of them had diarrhoea. The vets gave me tablets to split into quarters a give them a quarter each day for 5 days. I hope you kitten gets better soon :-)
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  • As everyone else has said, she should have been at least 8 weeks old before being taken from mum, get her to the vets straight away, make sure she drinks plenty of water, hope she's ok :)
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