FurryBabies spending diary!

Hi Everyone,

I have recently worked out that I have £38,000 of debt..... :eek:

I have never been a person who has owned a credit card, let alone had a loan until recently, so annoyed at myself for not sticking to my principles :mad:

I need to cut down my monthly spending to an absoloute minimum so I can pay off my debts as quickly as possible. I aim to be debt free by December 2015, and book an amazing holiday for Christmas 2016 with the money I will save in that first debt free year!

It's a bit depressing writing this down as it has made me realise that it will be a very long and hard 4 years coming up, but hopefully with this diary and your support I will keep going.

Started my debt free journey in Oct 2011
Paid off so far - £0/£38000
Aim to be debt free by Dec 2015! :T


  • Hi and welcome loads of advice and support to be found on theese boards. Tell as more if you want and do an soa (someone clever will link it for you) . I have similar debt i to am annoyed i fell prey to cc's x
  • Thanks beatthedebt! It's good to know people in the same boat :)

    I've just done a snowball and it's told me 55 months to pay it all off, but i'm determined to knock that down to 48! I know i can do it with a little perseverance....but it will be hard as i'm used to just spend spend spend which is so silly of me :(

    Here's what I owe to where:

    11,000 - Student loan
    10,000 - Loan
    9000 - Car
    4500 - CC
    3500 - CC

    Eeeeek :embarasse
    Started my debt free journey in Oct 2011
    Paid off so far - £0/£38000
    Aim to be debt free by Dec 2015! :T
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