Wanting a new TV, any advice?

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Hey everyone!

We recently purchased a Technika LCD 32-56L from Tescos for £199.99
Got it all set up ok and basically the quality is worse than on our old CRT TV! picture seems grainy, fast moving picture makes you feel dizzy and the sound is echoey. Tried changing settings without much luck.

We spoke to Tesco and they are fine with us taking it back and getting another one, just wondered if anyone had any ideas? We keep hearing things like refresh rates etc, but totally new to this!

We have a limited budget and cant go above £280!

Thanks in advance!


  • almillar
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    Not sure about your reception quality, or the quality at the broadcaster's end, but sounds like you've bought a cheap or old panel with crap colour and slow response times. The latest and greatest panels are far better, and more expensive. And any TV needs to be set up and calibrated of course. Sound is far worse than CRT cos there's no space for speakers, a more expensive TV will better, but probably not as good as your old TV. Nothing wrong with the picture on CRTs for SD stuff either, great motion, colour, brightness and blacks.
  • Neil49
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    I don't know where you live but you could do worse than visit Richer Sounds if they are in your area


    If you get an end of range set it can be very good value. Manufacturers keep bringing out new models with minor updates and previous versions can be virtually just as good. Go for a well known make (Sony, Samsung, LG, Panasonic etc) and avoid those made for supermarkets (ie Technika).

    Just had a quick look and they have an LG 32" set with Freeview HD (model 32LD490) at £279.99. My girlfriend has the identical model and is very pleased with it. Just make sure you have a decent aerial to get freeview hd channels (but even sd looks good)

    Hope this helps.
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    Really, CRT will give you a better picture than LCD/ LED/ Plasma. The issues with CRT was always their size/ weight not their quality of image. A HD CRT is possible but its tube needs to be significantly bigger and so they simply aren't made.

    LCD/ LED/ Plasma really are about style over performance. You simply dont have room in the TV to put a decent set of speakers compared to a CRT and so again another compromise is made.

    RicherSounds are a good option to go and have a look at, most the stores are well enough run and you can see the TV for yourself working before handing over your pennies.

    Motion smearing is a common issue with LCD/ LED but can sometimes be improved by reducing the amount of processing TV does.
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    InsideInsurance - I disagree re: plasma. Plasma screens have as good blacks, brightness, colour and motion as CRTs, but since they can do HD, I'd say they're better. I'll give you that there's no space for decent sound though!
  • InsideInsurance
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    Plasma are certainly better than LED/ LCD in all that you say other than brightness and also importantly screen reflection. I would disagree that they were as good as CRT were, though CRT can have its own geometry issues but they are relatively easy to fix.

    CRT can do HD, the problem is that they are then about 1.5m deep for a 32" set and people prefer the screen to be 1.5" thick instead. There are few experts that would argue any technology, on pure performance, is currently better than CRT, CRT simply arent practical. My recently retired 32" screen weighed in at 70kg.... you'd need a structural survey to be done if you had a HD 40" CRT!
  • judybaker123
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    I have a good place to look. It have a variety of
    You can pick and choose. They also have a review, so you can read about them and see which on would be suit you.
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