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Hi there
I am halfway through sorting my garden out, I have turfed half of it, its just the other half I need to sort out!. Its a terracced garden so its the top half I need to get finished . At the moment its full of weeds.. What I was going to do was get the weeds out, spray weedkiller and the gravel over after putting some weed membrane down.
Thats the plan anyway!
What do you suggest for weedkiller? The cheapest option?

Any suggestions please!?


  • J_J_Carter
    J_J_Carter Posts: 1,024 Forumite
    Glyphosate, get an DIY 'sheds' own brand.
  • MrsBartolozzi
    MrsBartolozzi Posts: 6,358 Forumite
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    Depends on what kind of weeds you have. For some eg Horsetail, Glyphosate won't help.

    Also if you have bigger perennial weeds like Dock, dandelion, thistle you'll need to apply the weedkiller while the weed is growing and let it die before pulling it out or it will just grow back (unless you dig all the way down and get all the root).

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  • MJL81
    MJL81 Posts: 9 Forumite
    I use salt, Sainsbury's 'savers' salt (I'm not vain enough to consider a chemical can be branded). You get 1Kg for 34p, comes in a poly bag. I use 1/2 bag to 10L water (50g/Litre) for driveway moss and patio cracks, with double the salt for heavy weeds. This really does work, but mind that you have no intention of growing anything within your lifetime in that place (with continued use) and that you don't treat areas close to a neighbours fence; I'm pretty sure it's a criminal offence.

    Sodium Chloride really is the cheapest option by far. Other chemicals are more efficient with respect to amount used, but due to widespread use on food it's cheap and easily accessible. Additionally this isn't going to cause problems for birds/cats/kids like typical commercial preparations.

    When people raise this, boiling water is often mentioned. Apart from the cost of electric/gas, it's a one hit application.
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  • Ambidou
    Ambidou Posts: 96 Forumite
    i use a non-named weed killer from my local allotment association, £5 for a 500ml pop bottle full, works too
  • Limana68
    Limana68 Posts: 486 Forumite
    Thanks everyone, my main weed is creeping buttercup, its slowly taking over the garden!
    I think I will try the salt, and see how it goes, as I do have a cat, and a few frogs!

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