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Kitchen Windowsill Herbs - what do you actually use?



  • [Deleted User]
    lizzyb1812 wrote: »
    Basil definitely. Buy a living pot from the supermarket, pot on to a bigger pot and when it gets bushy start using it but also cut off 3 or 4 sprigs, remove the bottom leaves and put the sprigs in a glass of water - after a week to 10 days you'll see roots on the sprigs. Plant them up in one pot, when it gets bushy ....... basil forever.

    Great tip - thanks ! :j
  • LilahDavies
    I absolutely LOVE having fresh basil in the kitchen - it smells amazing and goes into anything I cook with tomatoes. It's brill having it so handy - just chop up some fresh tomatoes and a bit of mozzarella and layer up with plenty of fresh basil and a glug of olive oil - delish!

    I also like to have mint in the kitchen as it also smells lovely and can be used even if it dries out. Some varieties get nice purple flowers on which brighten up the room.

    I had to get rid of the coriander as it grew like the clappers and threatened to take over the house!
  • isobelj
    I'm currently growing fresh basil from seeds and it's taking FOREVER! Looking forward to having some handy though as I use it all the time - for pizza sauces, tomato pastas and so on. I also love thyme with chicken, but I'm not a huge mint fan. Rosemary potatoes are delicious but I haven't grown any yet - we have huge rosemary bushes in the gardens at work so I just snip a bit off every now and then. Smells amazing :)
  • blossomhill_2
    A good way to store basil etc is to wash and chop it then stir it into olive oil and freeze in ice cube trays - can then add to soups, stir fries etc when needed
    If its an indoor window sill, Coriscan mint is great - it's very fine with a gorgeous smell and good for twiddling your fingers in to get rid of onion etc smells on them
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  • Sally_A
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    Piggo wrote: »
    Can you really freeze them then? We dried a load one year, I'd never thought of freezing - do they still have the same flavour? You don't do anything before feezing, just stick the leaves in a tub then get them out when you want some?

    Yep, if you want whole leaves let them thaw, if you want "bits" shatter them as soon as you get them from the freezer.

    I just freeze the leaves with minimum stalk in an old Philadelphia tub, works really well.
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