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Santander which I have been a savings account holder for 20 years has somehow lost £300 of my money which is all I had in bank

I was given a cheque from someone for monies owed to me and banked it - a few days later, i tried to withdraw some cash I already had in account and it said a negative balance of the cheque amount which had not yet cleared
I enquired at counter to be told that cheque had bounced and my account balance would be updated the next day, which it was
No need to withdraw money until a few days later, when I did, my balnace was £300 less than should have been

Enquiring again, no bank staff knew what had happened to my £300, looking as though the bounced cheque had been presented again and taken from my account
there has been no external withdrawals so should still be there

it is only a basic savings account so no direct debits etc can come out

bank apparently are investigating but meanwhile I have no money as this was benefits for my husbands pension credit and something else

How do I get the bank to pay me back now as the treatment from santander has been disgusting - no interest from the branch staff just being told there was an error and it needed to be investigated

I NEED MY MONEY FOR FOOD - why cannot they give me back my money then investigate

Please help me get through to them as I cannot wait any longer for my own money which in theory has been stolen by Santander - also visits to bank and phone calls so I should be intitled to compensation


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    Can you clarify...

    It sounds as if you paid a cheque in and that cheque bounced. Is that correct?
    Please help me get through to them as I cannot wait any longer for my own money which in theory has been stolen by Santander -

    How has Santander "stolen" the money? If the cheque bounced than effectively the person that paid you the cheque "stole" the money (legall its not steal but I am using your language).

    it is not your money until the cheque clears. It didnt clear as the person who gave you the cheque either didnt have the money in their account or they stopped the cheque.
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    The bank doesnt owe you any money, certainly not give you compensation. You paid in a cheque and it didnt clear.

    You fail to recognise that you need to persue the person who gave you the good for nothing cheque and Santander are not at fault.

    Your bank will not investigate why a cheque bounched or give you an explanation as to why. The person who gave you the dodgy cheque can only explain that. Most likely reasons can be they did not have enough funds or wrote a cheque from a closed account, neither of which your bank can explain.
  • no no no
    you have both got it wrong
    the cheque was NEVER applied to my account so I never had the money which is why they cannot take it off me
    now it is sorted - I have recieved information from the complaints department that I will have my account put right tomorrow and with compensation
    they admit they made a mistake as I already knew
    No I am not trying to get money that isn't mine but thanks anyway
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