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Ford Focus Diesel

edited 3 September 2011 at 8:20AM in Motoring
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denwyndenwyn Forumite
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edited 3 September 2011 at 8:20AM in Motoring


  • tr3mortr3mor Forumite
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    If your Skoda's been reliable, then I'd stick with it.

    No point spending money just to save a bit on fuel.
  • forgotmynameforgotmyname Forumite
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    Thats not high miles, I spend about £2000 on a car, Dont see any point in spending a fortune
    on a car.
    Bought a 5 year old MK3 petrol mondeo for £2000 (130,000 miles), Only needed basic servicing and a set of brake pads in 4 years.
    150,000 miles+ and still running sweet. DVLA shows it as still being taxed and in use.

    Only changed it 4 years later because i wanted an estate, This was a 2004 diesel estate again 5 years old and with 150,000 miles
    on the clock. I expect it to cover 200,000 easily with just regular oil changes.

    Ignore the service schedule, 12,000 miles if a long time for diesel oil. I change mine at half that. And a new fuel filter
    every 6 - 8000 miles not 20,000 miles.

    Keeps it healthy.
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    denwyn wrote: »
    I have had my 2004 Fabia for 4 years with 59,000 trouble free motoring miles,but i fancy a change and have looked at a 2006 Focus 1.6 tdi Titanium at £5470, its in ex condition, one owner,and what looks like almost full main dealer service history,only thing i am not really sure on is it has 71,000 miles on the clock,to me this seems a lot, I like the focus as its more roomy than the fabia and ore comfortable,but can't get my head around the miles on the clocl,mainly as i have never ever had any car with anything over 65,000.

    71k on that engine is nothing. I have an 04 plate Mondeo TDCi. I bought it with 90k on the clock and as of today it has 158k on the clock. I've had no problems with it and average 17,000 miles a year. I don't put in any oil or water between services and it'll happily do 800 miles to France in a single day in one hit only stopping for fuel and the Eurotunnel.

    As to the above comment about the service schedule, mine is done every 12,500 miles by Ford as per the service schedule with the fuel filter changed every 37,500 as per the service schedule. Never caused a problem. 12,000 miles was a long time for oil in a diesel engine in the 20th Century but things have moved on since them and the oil Ford use isn't mineral and is more resilient.

    With modern diesels, it is actually the low milers you want to avoid. You want to get something ideally with 12,000-14,000 miles per year average so at 71k its just right.
  • denwyndenwyn Forumite
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    tr3mor wrote: »
    If your Skoda's been reliable, then I'd stick with it.

    No point spending money just to save a bit on fuel.

    Changing to save on fuel is not the main reason,i have had the Fabia for 4 years,ok its proberbly been the most reliable car i have ever owned.but at 59000 miles i think i should change it now while i can get something for it. The Focus is far more comfortable, it should be cheaper to run ? and cheaper to tax,as long as i can get my head around the 71,000 miles on the focus i think i may buy it.
  • KierNetKierNet Forumite
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    71k is nothing, mines got over 105k and still going strong. Although it is 2001. It has been clocked though lol.

    Its nothing special to drive, gets me to A to B without a problem...only problems that I've had are diesel pump (£1,100 to fix...) and wheel bearings and oil leak (£180 for the both).
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  • StigyStigy Forumite
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    71,000-miles is only just above average and it's a modern car so will probably wear them well.
  • Cant see the point in changing......
    Went shoplifting at the Disneystore today.

    Got a huge Buzz out of it.
  • I've seen that engine going strong at 133,000 but I personally would not pay that price for it.
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  • denwyndenwyn Forumite
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    Cant see the point in changing......

    Did'nt really ask that.
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