The beginning of the end....

I have today made a final payment on a personal loan and am determined to try and clear the rest of my debts by the end of 2012. :T
At the moment, my debts are as follows -
CC1 - £270
CC2 - £790
CC3 - £1287.67
Next - £175.34
Argos - £980
Additions - £2651

I know these are not massive amounts but I plan on using this diary to keep me on track....

I work full time and have a reasonably well paid job but OH was made redundant just over 2 years ago (from a job which he really enjoyed) and has been in and out of work for the past 2 years which has resulted in us using credit cards for special treats / a new fridge freezer etc....OH has just started his own business and (3 weeks in) everything seems to be going well...just hope it continues. I also have a DD (13) and a DS (8) who are both really good kids. I need to remind myself of this as I've been worrying about money quite a bit lately and it is easy to forget about the good things in your life...

So hopefully this is the beginning to me being debt free by the end of 2012.


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    Good luck.
    Halifax CC £1029/£2490, Tesco CC [STRIKE]£0/£3203[/STRIKE], Tesco loan £15431/£15808, Carloan1 £6743/£8241, Carloan2[STRIKE] £0/£3813[/STRIKE]

    Pay all your debt off by Xmas 18 =22% £6661/£29865
  • Aah I have found your diary - I will subscribe and maybe we can give each other a bit of support during the journey ahead. Happy for you to geive me a virtual kick up the you know what if I start to stary from the path of being debt free ;)

    Hope your DH's business continues to do well. Who knows you may be able to bring forward that DF date?
    :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:( = £13000 to pay off

    NSD 1/10
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