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Saving for a year of Maternity Leave 2012!

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Hello everyone!

I wasnt sure where to start my diary as I dont have any debt, so if anyone wants to move this to somewhere more appropriate please do!

Im 28, mother of a 2 year old and am pregnant with number 2, due January 8th.

I will get the basic maternity pay package,SMP etc, but want to take a full year off to spend with my babies. That means saving!!

We have had a grand in savings for at least 6 months and havent added to it until we were paid this week (keep an eye on my sig!)

So ive decided to finally start a diary of my penny pinching which, although I have no debt, I find it hard to say no to buying extras at tescos, but clothes every month, spoiling my son, and having at least a take away a week:(

I will mention BOGOFs I come across or will ask for advice about pregnancy etc ( I am terrified of the thought of giving birth again. Will perhaps mention my sons birth story if asked, etc)

REALLY hope this will keep me on the straight and narrow, would ideally like to have 2k in savings at least AFTER Christmas!!!!



  • djdymonddjdymond Forumite
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    Have got back from visintg family in Suffolk. Felt awful leaving behind hubby and toddler but they had some bonding time and I managed to get alot of sleep and a break, which is nice now im 21 weeks pregnant, i STILL get very tired.

    Didnt spend too much, I tend to blow alot "in town" on clothes and anything else we dont really need. Managed to spend just 50 pounds all weekend.. and that was spent at THREE SUPERMARKETS! my mum took me into aldi where I never go, and managed to buy little chocolatey treats and snacks. ( every now and then my oldest friends pop round to mine for a film or two and catch up, and we all contribute towards crisps etc.. I end up paying for alot more than they do!! Not anymore!) So i bought these bags of giant pretzels for a pound each to store for the next time they come round) I also bought on my travels bogof coffee and reduced tea bags.. always good to stock them up when on offer, theyll always get used. I also picked up 9 packets of pampers wipes for 8 pounds in the asda baby event. again.. having a toddler and a baby on the way, wipes will always be used!

    Ive got home and instead of agreeing to a take away (come on, who really wants to cook after driving 3 hours!!) ive decided i WILL be cooking, plan to make wedges and steaks/eggs. Ive checked the account, and nothing has gone out, not since I was paid on Friday. Mortgage will come out tomorrow and then the rest on the first.. Im never THAT sure exactly how much is coming out and what we will be left with for food and petrol(bad i know) so maybe Ill have a look at last months statement later!

    So, a NSD today, and hopefully tomorrow!
  • djdymonddjdymond Forumite
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    Im currently on ebay looking at electric breast pumps for when baby is here in the new year. i couldnt feed my son and after failing with a manual pump but getting on with an electrical one in hospital, ive decided to get one.. i wasnt sure whether to get one sooner rather than later, but ive decided i will get one now as ill be buying xmas pressies the rest of the year. I have my birthday in October, so I shall ask my dad for birthday money as usual, which will then cover the pump.. true i could wait till october when i have the money... perhaps i will if i get outbid on the one im currently watching. its about 100 new, but my (highest) bid is 40 with about 5 postage.. they all seem to go for well over 50 so i doubt i will win it, we will find out in 4 hours!! Really want to start thinking of xmas pressies soon too to spread the cost...

    Ive made some banana and choc chip muffins as i had over ripe bananas and all the other ingredients! lovely with a cuppa and a re run of spendaholics at lunchtime!!

    My mum called at lunchtime to say she was in brantanos(?) and had seen some clarks shoes which were 7 quid reduced from 25 in the next size up and should she buy them.. I obviously said yes! she said they were width G. My so just has normal widths now so I havent a clue with G is, but I can always pass them on and being a size larger anyway they should be of some use to him. his first ever shoes were from clarks and a G, as his feet are quite wide 9 (after his dad!!!) so fingers crossed.

    i have my sister visiting for the weekend with her mate (although theyre staying close by, not here) and normally id order loadsa food for us all and THEN buy take aways. so instead, ive added a bag of frozen chips to my order, along with some bogof bread rolls and some reduced burgers. Also, instead of waiting for hubby to get home and then we both finish off a whole batch of muffins (oh the shame) im going to freeze most of them for us all to eat over the weekend. i also decided to make a lemon drizzle cake (oooh, get me!) as i only need to buy a bag of sugar and 2 lemons.

    Mortgage has gone out of the account today... looking at our finances, after everything else has gone out, there should be 500 quid left for petrol, food shopping and anything else to crop up in September. We have no birthdays to worry about, but then October makes up for it, including mine! We were thinking of taking toddler to chessington world of adventures for the day on my birthday, even though he is too young for the rides, we thought he would love the zoo there... after some research, even with a coupon, it would still be rather pricey!! So Im going to put it to hubby we go at the very beginning of november when they still have their zoo open but not much else, its SOOO much cheaper! Knowing my son, he will get ratty after an hour anyway!
  • hi everyone

    as predicted, we have 500 left for food and fuel for the month. i didnt win an expressing machine so im now going to leave it till closer to the next payday, before blowing money when we could need it soon!

    opened my big mouth and volunteered to take my sis and her mate to bluewater tomorrow. so im thinking ill have to put another tenner in the car for petrol, and walk round the shops with my eyes shut!!! as it is i have bought a river island t shirt.. even though its doubtful with my bump ill be wearing it anytime before next january!!! i did love it though and hubby actually said i could (!)

    have started tidying up for my sisters arrival later, will also be making a lemon drizzle cake.

    ive also sorted my mobile out and changed the tarriff, so instead of having to pay 10 pounds a month for my internet and then an extra 5 pounds for phone credit, i can now top up just the tenner which is credit on top of internet and i get 300 free texts a month. this is good as like most people now, i use facebook for messaging, skype for phone calls (i only really ring my mum!) and the odd text to hubby asking to bring home some milk/bread! so im saving 5 pounds a month! to think thats 60 quid a year im not giving away with nothing to show for it! :)

    right, ive got slack with the washing so ive just done a load of JUST the toddlers things, i think ill hang it all out, put a dark wash on and then have a cuppa!

    Hope youre alll well!
  • Today was a good day!

    Didnt go to Bluewater with my sister, met them for dinner instead. I took a tenner out, and we had all you can eat chinese. It came to about 7 quid, so I bought hubby a pack of cookies on the way home with the change.

    I also bought a xmas pressie for my son today! I bought an elc whizz garage with 6 little cars for 12.50, instead of over 40 pounds new! It all looks new and its all been hidden away! Im very proud!

    account is now on 350, well, 330 after todays spending!for the next 3 weeks we want to try and limit our spending to 100 a week. weve got a freezer full, so where going to try to go well over a week without doing a week shop.

    I also by chance found a hair dressers near bromley that does a wet cut for 14 pounds! Croydon is very pricey for hair cuts and i only ever want a trim, so i will try it out at the end of the month. I havent had my hair cut since easter, and that was a mobile hair dresser who gave me a wet cut for 14. at least this way someone else sweeps my hair up!
  • Its amazing how quickly things can change! :(

    My husband has let me know that he needs to get his MOT sorted as well as car tax by the end of the month. I have a dentist appointment on the 25 and although i now get free dentist stuff as im preggers, I have an outstanding bill of 90 ive been told i must clear (i forgot about that!) i havent been for about 2 years!! ive also had a letter this week telling me the photo on my drivers licence is 10 years old and I need to send them a new one, and a cheque for 20 quid!


    We were doing alright before this week! our account WAS on about 290 but ive taken 50 out of savings (savings now on 1,200) to help cushion it slightly. were not doing a big shop this week as we have loadsa stuff, but we obviously will need one next week. i also need 20 quid a week for petrol (i have a quarter tank at the mo)

    Ive had a quick look at our account and although i took that tenner out for dinner with sis, 12 for toddlers xmas pressie and 16 or so for my RI T shirt, we would still be in this postition and it just means we will have to go in the red AGAIN before payday. damn. Really thought it would be different this month.

    We do have 80 quid coming in for child benefits (which then covers the 20 quid on nappies i pay for a month, his food etc) but then hubbys 30 quid i phone bill goes out so that will swallow some. damn damn damn.

    Still, I cant believe how good I have been. Monday I went into Croydon with toddler to meet a friend and her little girl. she bought me a coffee and entry into a kids play place (as i told her i was skint) and i bought a nail varnish with boots points, so all i spent on an afternoon out in the danger zone was 3 quid for parking!!! :) why is it when ever i cant spend money, i want everything! Im really into nail varnishes right now and want every colour going. ive been told theres a works night out at the end of the month. normally, i buy a new outfit with jewellery, fags and spending money. so ive been looking through my wardrobe and found something, will be making do with my 1000s of pair of earrings and rings, and as im preggers, I cant smoke anyway!!(not that i do anyway, only on a night out.. i know, excuses excuses)

    Toddler and I went to see another friend on Tuesday, and I have to park outside hobby craft. that was hard! Again at the mo, im really into buying crafty things, paints and puzzles for toddler for xmas and want to buy it all now! NOT TO MENTION WANTING TO START XMAS SHOPPING TO SPREAD THE COST!

    Still, im not beat about it all. I love a challenge and will still keep budgeting. We are still sticking to our no take aways in september rule.. its only the 8th and I feel like weve not had a take away in months!!! With all this expense this month, at least we HAVENT been blowing money on take aways!!

  • afoafo Forumite
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    Congratulations on your pregnancy and starting a savings plan. I am three weeks behind you with my pregnancy and also looking at ways of saving for maternity leave and spreading the cost of Christmas.

    I have subscribed - good luck and I will be following your journey!!
  • Thank you afo for your lovely post! I'll try my best to keep it interesting! Congrats on your pregnancy too! do you know what you are having? Is it your first?

    Well, Saturday morning. Dont have any plans although I now have to get a tenner out to pay for my photos for my driving licence. We will end up in the red by about 100 quid or so, because of the dentist etc.. but the 200 pounds weve saved this month hasnt been touched. we are normally 100 or so in the red WITHOUT saving anything!

    I do need to wash alot of sheets today. May go to a park to feed the ducks.Again, weekends are difficult here. Ive learned that our weekend shopping is normally down to boredom. Im terrible for that. At lunchtime at work too, youll often find (most of my dept!) me looking at clothes online. Again, ive learned to look and think have I got anything similar which everytime I do.. I always seem to go for the same things!! Flat dark shoes, black tops which are over sized, large jewellery... or I think I wont be able to wear that till the new year by which point theyll be plenty of tops out ill love (although ill be even skinter!!)

    So for me its about keeping busy over the weekend. I MAY go out and buy a box of eggs with my chnage in my purse, to bake a cake this evening. My hubby loves the lemon drizzle cake I made last weekend so I think I'll make that again. So, washing, baking, feeding ducks maybe. we havent got a garden so we may visit the inlaws in bromley so toddler can have a run around, he can see his uncle, and i can relax!!
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    FrankLCFrankLC Forumite
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    That sounds like a lovely relaxing day you have planned. Baking, feeding the ducks... I bet it's not so relaxing with a toddler tho!!

    As you can see I am a newbie, although I've been reading around for a while, so finally dipping my toes and posting :)

    Good luck with the pregnancy and the savings - it's so hard to be good isn't it, when things crop up!!

    Frankie :)
  • Thanks Frankie for such a lovely post!! I am def finding it hard this weekend as youre about to read...

    In some of my spare time yesterday, I thought I would catch up on some of the videos on youtube I subscribe to (dolly bow bow and miss budget beauty are my faves!) Anyway they really got me in the mood to do some beauty shopping. So, I went on ebay.

    I love buying my sister pricer brand products for xmas (namely urban decay, i love their eye shadows and benefit, love their blushers) so i typed in benefit to see what would come up.. wow. Now I dont know if theyre real, but their reviews were excellent and over 99%, so I have bought her this how to do smokey eye palette box for 8 pounds i think (28 quid on the boots site!! For real!?) and a collection of 6 glosses for 6 pounds (again, about 20 or so pounds) Now, they have good reviews, i did my research! no one said oh theyre fake etc, and even if they are, they LOOK real! My sister is 22 and would never dream of buying benefit herself so she wont be applying them thinking, these arent good, theyre fake! so ive spent about 15 quid on her.. done!

    You would of thought spending would then be out of my system but oh no. I then on my travels realised that the urban decay book of shadows FOUR is out (an eyeshadow palette that comes out once a year for a limited time.. you can find them all over when they come out late summer but the closer to xmas it is, they soon vanish) anyway, i have the first two. last years didnt seem to have very many colours i though, as i reach 30, would wear although i did buy their naked palette which are all natural colours and wear all the time. well this years has about 8 colours i would wear all the time, with only one i think ive already got. this years also comes with a black mini eyeliner and mascara. NOW.. its my birthday mid october and normally dont have a clue what i want, then i see these palettes and think that'll do it. im a sucker for eye make up. I found it on the debenhams website, reduced, at 41 quid (WHAAAAAAAAAAAT!) i know its alot of money, but they do charge about a tenner for them indiviidually, and it was free postage. and for a birthday pressie for me, from hubby, 40 quid isnt too bad.

    THEN ( i know, theres more!) dorothy perkins send me an email this morning with a 25 per cent code off everything online (DPVIPD) and being pregnant, i seem to always need new trousers. so this morning i found a pair for 18 pounds. with the discount coming off but then delivery added, it only took 50p off the price, but then deliverys been paid so not too bad. i DID also add a paid of flat shoes as my work ones do look worse for wear. in the end i took them off my order (yay me!) as i thought as it gets colder, ill wear my three pairs of boots i already have all the time like last year.

    So.. yes ive spent money i didnt intend on this weekend (damn) but it DID cover a xmas present, a birthday present, and desperately needed trousers!!

    For the rest of the day, I think hubby will take toddler to the park, while i stay here and tidy the flat (toddler hates the hoover!!!!) and bake a cake. bump has given me quite an appetite lately and im putting weight on at an alarming rate (23 weeks today) but im going to worry about it once baby is born and i can really concenrate on losing both lots of pregnacy weight! where Ill find the time I dont know!!! Any ideas???
  • :hello: Hello, just wanted to pop in and say hi! Loved the title of your diary, and I wish I had managed to save to take a year off when I had baby number 2, but I am due back to work in October (will have had 10 months off). Its a brilliant incentive to save tho, and I'm sure you will manage!

    Do you do meal planning before you do your food shopping? That was a major saving for me when we started to cut back. We do a menu for a week before I go food shopping and only buy the ingredients that we need. It cut our weekly food shop from anything between £90-£120 to between £40-£60. I can't help myself with all the nice clothes and things in Tesco's either - as my mum says, I am a sucker for their marketing campaigns!!

    Having two kids is so different to just the one, so knowing you don't have to rush back to work is a bonus. I am now dreading going back, and trying to find another job that is term time so at least when both kids are at school I will have the hols with them!

    I got the same letter as you about my driving licence last year and only stumbled accross it again this morning - I MUST get it renewed or I will end up in trouble! Terrible memory :rotfl:

    Anyway, off to get some washing hung up to dry, but I will subsribe to your diary and pop back on to check how your doing.

    Hope you are getting plenty of rest and relaxation!!

    CwC x
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